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Links which are in italics take you to pages on my website, all others take you to pages on outside websites.

You can find links to web pages about particular military aircraft on the Aircraft Links page.


FenceCheck is the world's premier international aviation photography community website, featuring very active forums with discussion of upcoming airshows, reviews of previous airshows, and information on aviation photography including camera equipment and the business side of the profession.


Canadian Air Force Snowbirds This website has picked up another star since I first visited, at a time when their photo gallery said "no photo available" for 4 of the 11 pilots.   It's still rather plodding, but there is a photo gallery of the aircraft in action and a schedule of where they'll be flying.    Last visited in March of 2009.

New Zealand

Warbirds over Wanaka Warbirds over Wanaka is an airshow set in the scenic mountains of New Zealand's South Island.   A surprisingly large collection of classic World War Two and later aircraft, many belonging to the Alpine Fighter Collection, perform individually and together every two years.   Last visited in January of 2008.
Warbirds Down Under This private individual's website is based in New Zealand, but provides a list of links to airshows and aircraft museums in New Zealand and Australia.
RNZAF A-4 Skyhawk website This is the Royal New Zealand Air Force section of the international Skyhawk.Org website.


"Swifts" Russian air force demonstration team This is the official website of the Russian air force "Strizhi"  (Swifts) demonstration team, with sections in Russian and in English.   It's surprisingly lowbrow and conversational, with pilot biographies and birthdays, and month-by-month computer wallpaper calendars.   Last visited in January of 2007.
MAKS The official website of the Moscow Aviation and Kosmos Salon contains basic information about the bi-annual show held at Zhukovsky airfield outside Moscow.   Last visited in January of 2007.
Beriev design bureau The official website of the Beriev design bureau is simple but contains useful information about the company's aircraft and history.   Last visited in January of 2007.
Gidroaviasalon This is the official website for the annual "hydro-aviation exhibition" at the Beriev test facility at Gelendzhik, on the Russian Shore of the Black Sea.   It's in Russian and English, unfortunately the website is about 50% fact and 50% fantasy, around half of the list aircraft don't turn up, and the minute-by-minute schedule doesn't have too much correspondence with reality either.   Last visited in January of 2007.

United Kingdom

Royal International Air Tattoo Billed as the world's biggest military airshow, the Royal International Air Tattoo is held at Fairford, west of London, and includes participants from the RAF, the United States military, European military forces and elsewhere (including New Zealand).   The website is straightforward and useful, without being unnecessarily flashy.
Flying Legends airshow at Duxford This airshow, close to the historic university town of Cambridge, is dedicated to world war two aircraft.   Unfortunately, when I visited the website 6 or 7 weeks before the show date, it didn't even have a preliminary list of the aircraft expected to perform at the show.
Battle of Britain Memorial Flight The Battle of Britain Memorial Flight is a group of aircraft commemorating the Battle of Britain.   As well as aircraft like spitfire and hurricane fighters which actually fought in the Battle of Britain, the Flight also includes a Lancaster bomber and a DC-3 Dakota transport.   The website doesn't have too much information, but there is a good wallpaper page.


Planes of Fame at Chino Chino volunteer Britt Dietz does an extraordinary job with this website, which combines excellent graphic design with complete information about the annual airshow, all updated frequently with photos taken by Britt, including many air-to-air photos of aircraft at the museum which will be appearing in the show.   Last visited in June of 2006.
United States Air Force The official USAF website includes information about the Thunderbirds display team, as well as a much flashier but separate USAF Thunderbirds website which includes their show schedule.   Most of the main USAF website is pretty dull, but the pages of photographs more than make up for it!
Blue Angels The official website of the US Navy Blue Angels display team.   Parts of the website are slightly poorly put together and the thumbnails on the photo gallery page are too small, but the photographs themselves are pretty good.
Nellis AFB "Aviation Nation" airshow The Aviation Nation website is well laid out, with information about military participation as well as civilian operated warbirds and other demonstrations.
Commemorative Air Force Midland Airsho Yes, they really spell "airsho" without the "w"!   Quirky it might be, but this airshow is one of the three best warbirds shows in America, with excellent light for photography and an extremely wide range of aircraft flying, mostly world war two, but also Vietnam era and a few modern jets thrown in just for the hell of it!   The website is basic but very usable, though sometimes it can be hard to tell if they're expecting particular aircraft to fly or not.   Last visited in October of 2008.
Yankee Air Museum "Thunder Over Michigan" Airshow The Thunder Over Michigan airshow held each year at the historic Willow Run airfield near Detroit has been going from strength to strength over the last few years, gathering large numbers of a single aircraft type together each time, including no fewer than eight B-17 Flying Fortresses for the 2005 show.   The airshow page is basic but contains all of the information you need, including a regularly updated list of the aircraft which are expected.   Last visited in July of 2005.
Wings Over Gillespie Airshow This is a medium sized airshow hosted by the Commemorative Air Force at Gillespie Air Field in El Cajon on the eastern edge of San Diego.   The website is fairly basic but contains all of the information you'll need such as directions and a list of which aircraft are flying.
Commemorative Air Force B-29/B-24 Squadron The Commemorative Air Force (formerly called the Confederate Air Force) operates the world's last flying B-29 Superfortress and LB-30 Liberator.   As well as information about these aircraft, the website includes a schedule of the places they'll be flying.   Last visited in May of 2006.
Patriots jet display team The Patriots are America's best civilian jet display team, doing very tight formations with colored smoke, and some cool tricks that the Blue Angels and Thunderbirds don't do, like tail slides.   The name is a bit of a misnomer, considering that they fly four Soviet jet trainers!   Their website is very heavy on Flash, so it loads very slowly and then it crams music down your throat.   The information on the website is only moderately well done.   Last visited in January of 2011.
Yuma Airshow The annual airshow at MCAS Yuma in the very south-west corner of Arizona is a pleasant little event with an excellent static display and a worthwhile amount of modern military participation.   It's almost certain that you'll see one of the base's AV-8B Harriers perform, and if you're lucky then their aggressor F-5 Freedom Fighters will fly.   The 2009 show had a pass by a pair of B-1 Lancer bombers and a pair of F-5s broke the sound barrier, presumably inadvertently.   Last visited in March of 2009.
Riverside airshow Riverside airshow in the eastern Los Angeles basin is a good show for warbird enthusiasts, with a good selection of modern types as well.   The website is adequate, but doesn't provide a list of the classic or modern military types that are expected at the show.   Last visited in July of 2007.
Oshkosh Airshow The Oshkosh Airshow, hosted by the Experimental Aircraft Association, is America's largest "fly in", combining aerobatics, experimental aircraft, as well as displays by warbirds from World War Two to the present day.   Unfortunately there's next to no information on the website about what aircraft will be flying at the show, which you'd think is the main reason why most people visit.
There's more airshow information on the aircraft website links page.