Funny Signs in Trinidad and Tobago

In New Zealand, to "get aggro" means to become aggressive.   I can only assume that the "agro" supplies in this case consist of rotten eggs to throw at the object of one's aggression!

'agro supplies'

A few of the roads on Tobago are a bit rough, so it probably is good advice for you to check your bones after renting a bicycle, just to make sure none of them are broken!

Incidentally, note the innovative pricing of this rental company - $5 per hour, but nothing for 8 hours!

'check bones' bicycle rentals
'sale on all body parts'

If your bones or any other body parts do get broken, then Tobago's the place to have it happen.

Kidney transplant, anyone?

Is a "working lad" the male equivalent of a "working girl"?   And if so, why's the Salvation Army involved?

'salvation army working lads hostel'

In America, a "rubber" is a condom, so you'll have to imagine the look on Americans' faces when they see this sign.   Saying that a rubber is "front end" just seems to be stating the obvious, but what is an "industrial rubber" - one can only suppose that it's an especially heavy duty one!   And let's not even think about "foreign used rubbers"!

'front end rubbers'

Still, if all of those working lads and rubber users start to cause trouble, Trinidad and Tobago have their own home grown solutions to the problem!   Yes, they'll take all of those wanton people, fry them and sell them to unsuspecting tourists as fast food!   And if you think that this fast food restaurant's sign is an aberration, you're wrong - on Tobago I saw a Chinese restaurant with "wanton soup" on the menu.

'fried wantons'
'pet rice'

Here's a blast from the past for those of you who like me can remember the "pet rock" craze which started in California (of course) in 1975.

And of course, one advantage that "pet rice" has over a "pet rock" is that you can eat it when the fad is over!

Fair warning for anyone who dares to steal from this place (and who knows, if you do try to rob it, perhaps God will hand you over to the Salvation Army to become a working lad).

'property protected by God'