Cutbacks and Top Turns on Oahu's North Shore

Here's a textbook cutback, turning back toward the breaking part of the wave.

guy doing a textbook cutback

Here's one of those star surfers, who I've named 'Bob', doing more of a top turn than a cutback.

'Bob' does a top turn

Bob again, not really doing a cutback, more like a sudden stop - don't know what you call that!

Nice trick to do on a small wave like this, but not if you've got a wall of breaking water rushing towards you!

'Bob' does a sudden sharp turn on a small wave

Looks like this guy's body did a cutback without telling his brain - he's still looking in the direction he was going - watch out for that wave coming towards you!

'Stan' does a cutback, looks away from where he's heading

Whoops, doesn't look too graceful, maybe needs a bit more practice!

unsuccessful looking top turn or cutback

Yeah, that's better!

same guy does a nice cutback