This Surfing Life

Welcome to the Mecca of world surfing - the North Shore of the Hawaiian island of Oahu,

where there are two girls for every guy, every wave is perfect, and there's a wave for every surfer...

surfer rides one wave, while another surfer sits out the next
guy surfs one wave, another starts surfing the next

Not that it's totally perfect, after all sometimes you'll have to steer around those pesky boogie boarders.

But at least you know he'll avert his eyes as his superior glides past.

surfer steers around a boogie boarder
Oh my God - two surfers on one wave

But, no, what is this?

Two surfers on one wave?

Sacre bleu, how can zis be?

Quelle un Abomination!

It's definitely not good form for one surfer to "drop in" on another surfer's wave.

If looks could kill!

Good thing these guys don't have guns, otherwise there'd be bloodshed.

two surfers on the same wave eye each other

So, another wave and another mellow and spiritual day ends...

sunset begins as the surfer rides out his wave
surfer surrounded by the sun's glow
sunset engulfs a surfer

The end of the day, the end of the waves, but not quite the end of hope...

surfers sit on the water as the light runs out