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Aircraft Website Links

Links on this page which are in italics take you to pages on my website, all others take you to pages on outside websites.



Wikipedia is a generic encyclopedia, but its essays on individual aircraft types are very detailed and well worth reading.

Federation of American Scientists:  Military Analysis Network

This website doesn't get many updates, but it's still very worthwhile,  with extensive data and photographs of each type of aircraft in the US arsenal.   It used to have them all listed on a single page, but unfortunately now there's a sprawling index page which you must burrow down into.   Similarly, the index of "rest of the world" military aircraft has been broken down into multiple indices arranged by country.  Last visited in April of 2008.

A very well prepared and presented website which provides basic fact sheets about a large number of vintage military aircraft types which are privately owned and still flying.  There are also good website link pages about aircraft museums in the USA and around the world, and airshows in the USA.

Kiwi Aircraft Images

Phillip Treweek's website is amazingly comprehensive, with text and photos covering a vast number of different aircraft types, especially warbirds, which have flown in New Zealand.  There are separate sections covering airshows and aircraft museums. and a brilliant alphabetical list of different aircraft which have flown in New Zealand, with 183 entries when I visited the site in 2003.

Niels Hillebrand's nicely designed "military aviation" website has a military aircraft directory with information about many different fighters, bombers and strike aircraft around the world.  Some entries are less detailed than others, but it's still a great resource, and includes many small to medium sized photos.   There are several other sections, including airshow reports with lots of photos, and a page with a limited number of wallpaper photos.   Last visited in January of 2006.

Joe Baugher's Encyclopedia of American Military Aircraft

This website has a huge index of American military aircraft, including aircraft which entered active service and those which never got past the experimental stage.   When I visited in May of 2002, there were some surprising omissions, like the A-4 Skyhawk and A-37 Dragonfly, but perhaps he'll get to them eventually.   The site contains very good descriptions of each aircraft, as well as variants, but it lacks photographs or diagrams, which is why it gets four stars instead of five.


Roger Whitcomb's website has coverage of a number of British airshows and a wallpaper page with a large number of different aircraft types.    Last visited in July of 2005.

Royal Air Force History

This site is pretty disappointing when you consider all of the possibilities available to them.   The timeline pages tracing the development of the RAF from its  beginnings to the present day aren't bad, and the aircraft histories are certainly worthwhile.


This website is nicely laid out, with sections on different types of fighters, bombers, transports, trainers, helicopters and special purpose aircraft, however there isn't much information on the pages dedicated to the different models of aircraft, only a few photos and basic technical information with no historical data.   Last visited in May of 2006.


Mustangs Mustangs

A top notch website about P-51 Mustangs with specifications and lists of all of the surviving aircraft of various models.

Ace Pilots:  P-51 Mustang

Another absolutely top-notch P-51 website which gives a complete chronology of P-51 developments from 1940 to 1969.

North East Aircraft Museum vampire page

This website is very well done, with good photographs and excellent supporting text.

The Catalina Group of New Zealand

This website has very limited scope but is well done.  It documents the only Catalina still flying in Australasia, with nice colour photographs of the aircraft as well as information on the 56 Catalinas which flew with the Royal New Zealand Air Force from 1943 to 1953.

Naval Aircraft


This site is dedicated to the A-4 Skyhawk, otherwise known as Heinemann's hotrod, after its legendary creator.


This website is dedicated to the Grumman Goose flying boat, and it includes a huge photo gallery of Grumman Goose aircraft from around the world, both historic and modern.

Bob Jellison's web site

This enthusiast's website is extremely limited in scope, covering only the aircraft types Bob Jellison actually flew,  but it's well done, both in terms of layout and content.   These are the F-9F Cougar, the T-33 Shooting Star, the F-3H Demon and the RA-5C Vigilante.   Last visited in May of 2006.


As it say on the front page, this isn't the prettiest website, but it has lots of information about the PBY Catalina, including a database of specific wartime aircraft, photo galleries of different models of Catalina and a good website links page with links to other Catalina websites and organizations.

PBY Catalina International Association

This website is feeble, intended primarily as a rallying point for veterans who served in Catalinas.   There's no information about Catalinas either in wartime or flying today.


Air Bum:  Fieseler Storch flight report

A very entertaining report about the flying characteristics of the German world war two short takeoff and landing aircraft, the Fieseler Fi 156 Storch, with a short description of the rescue using a Storch of Benito Mussolini from the inaccessible mountaintop where he'd been imprisoned by the leaders of a wartime coup.


Popasmoke - USMC Vietnam Helicopter Association

This very professional website covers all aspects of United States Marine Corp helicopter activities during the Vietnam war.   Many of the pages, like the reunion information, will be of interest only to ex USMC helicopter personnel, but others, like the page describing USMC helicopters of the Vietnam war, will interest any aviation enthusiast.

Civil Aircraft

Gee Bee R2

This website commemorates the Gee Bee R2 raceplane, which flew during the 1930s.   It also features the story of the only R2 replica flying today.

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