Amphibian Website Links

Links on this page which are in italics take you to pages on my website; all others take you to pages of particular interest on an outside website.


AmphibiaWeb This is an official website of the University of Berkeley in California.   It can be searched by name and country, and the species accounts include excellent  photographs, which include enlargements up to 1256 x 731 pixels.   The Digital Library amphibian search engine is the best I've ever seen - you can enter an amphibian name, a country name, or the name of an American state and then page through photo galleries of amphibians from that country or state.   The only drawback is that this digital library is very incomplete.   Last visited in March of 2008. This is a superior quality amateur website by a guy who takes his herpetology very seriously, as you can see from his frog and toad page.
American Museum of Natural History, Herpetology Department:
Amphibian species of the world
This website is as dry and useless as they come.   It's intended for the hard-core scientist and doesn't even seem to have photos, but there is a very feeble website links page.   Last visited in March of 2008.

By Area


Ecology Asia: amphibians This website has a photo gallery with good pictures and text, with 45 species identified.   Last visited in October of 2009.
Nature Malaysia: amphibians This website has a few photos and brief descriptions of 41 frogs and toads, arranged slightly clumsily into separate family photo galleries.   Last visited in October of 2009.

By Country

INBIOS amphibian UBIs This Costa Rican government website is in Spanish, but it has lots of good pictures with the corresponding Latin name of the animal alongside.


All About Frogs This enthusiast's website includes a very good website links page.