Chicago Air Show 2001: Thunderbirds Among Buildings

The weather was pretty windy on the Sunday when I took these photos, but at least the rain of the previous day was mostly absent.   At the bottom of the shot you can see Chicago's Navy Pier, which is where a great many of America's troopships departed for Europe and World War Two.   I still haven't come to terms with how it's possible to board a ship for Europe in the middle of the United States!

photo #601: all the Thunderbirds banking together with Navy Pier in the background

Here the Thunderbirds fly in from the West past the top of the Sears Tower, the tallest building in the United States.

photo #605:  Thunderbirds passing top of Sears Tower

Here are the lead solo aircraft flying past the John Hancock Tower, which to me is a much more elegant building than the Sears Tower.

photo #606:  two Thunderbirds pass top of Hancock building

The full team blasts past the John Hancock tower, with the lead solos breaking away from the main group.

photo #602: lead solos break away from main group with John Hancock building behind

Just when you thought they wouldn't dare fly any lower over a Metropolitan area, here they are doing just that!

photo #603:  Thunderbirds heading West with buildings behind

Past the ugly old Sears Tower one more time...

photo #604:  Thunderbirds pass well below the top of the Sears Tower