Chicago Air Show Thunderbirds Team Display

The Thunderbirds first flew in 1953, seven years after the navy Blue Angels display team started flying.

photo #401: six Thunderbirds approaching with smoke on

The Thunderbirds name comes from the native American legend of the giant Thunderbirds, which were responsible for thunder storms.

photo #402: six Thunderbirds with smoke on from 2 o'clock

The black design on the underneath of the aircraft represents the wings and body of a Thunderbird.

photo #403: Six Thunderbirds banking sharply away

The team consists of a four plane "diamond" and (confusingly) two "solo" aircraft.

photo #404: two solo Thunderbirds breaking away from main group

Don't these guys ever get bored with these side-by-side flypasts?

photo #405: two Thunderbird solos flying side by side

Wow, I guess they do!   Just don't do anything silly, guys!

photo #406: one Thunderbird upright, one inverted

Hey, what did I just tell you fellas!

photo #407: Thunderbird solos doing head-on pass