RIAT 2002 G222 Display

I'd never even heard of a G222 before coming to RIAT 2002.   However this Italian designed cargo plane put on the most memorable display I've ever seen by a cargo plane, and the most memorable landing I've ever seen by any plane!   The display even started with a bang, with the pilot flying at low level along the runway for several hundred meters immediately after takeoff.

OK, they had to get the boring stuff over, so they did a slow flypast with the wheels and flaps down, and the rear cargo ramp open.

Here's another entirely gratuitous shot for the hard-core aircraft fanatics which adds absolutely nothing to the previous shot!   Those must be about the ugliest sets of landing gear I've ever seen, except maybe for the ones on an Antonov AN-124.   These ones look like fat rubber tires on the end of a stick!

He's just doing a slow pass, but listening to the wildly exuberant commentary by the Italian announcer, you'd think that the guy was doing a loop!

Oh my...


Now that was something I've never seen a cargo plane do!   And for his last trick, he's going to bank around for a landing...

...But not just any old landing.   This is called a "Sarajevo" landing, after the city in Bosnia.   To avoid ground fire, planes landing at Sarajevo came in at fairly high altitude, diving down at the last moment.   As you can see, it's a pretty intense way to land a plane, and in this particular case it lead to an accident.

See the loop performed by the C-27 Spartan, the G222's successor, at the 2006 Czech International Air Fair.