Grumman Avenger on the Ground

Grumman Avenger side-rear view with wings folded.

The Grumman Avenger entered production in January of 1942, less than a month after Japan attacked America at Pearl Harbor.

As a carrier-based torpedo bomber and conventional bomber, it was designed with folding wings to allow it to fit more easily onto cramped ships.

Perhaps the first thing you notice about the Avenger is how big it is for a single-engined aircraft.

During the war, they carried a crew of three men - the pilot, rear gunner and bombardier. 

After the war, they were known to carry whole rugby teams around the country for games!

Side view of Avenger taxying.

The impression of size is reinforced when you see the pilot in the aircraft.

With a "tail dragger" wheel layout and that long nose, it must have been very difficult to land the plane on a pitching and rolling aircraft carrier.