My Father

My father with his Porsche.   Well, his current love interest's son-in-law's Porsche.   And the leather jacket is hers.  But, he tells me that the sunglasses are definitely his!

my father with his porsche

My father with the wooden boat he built, and his dog Imshi.   The word "Aajej" is the Arabic name of a hot, dry wind which sweeps across the North African desert.   "Imshi" is also Arabic and means "shoo" or "go away"!

my father with his dog Imshi and the boat Aajej, which he built
my father's dog Imshi in my grandfather's chair

Imshi patiently enduring the unendurable.   I forget whose arm is in the picture, if I ever knew.

Imshi originally belonged to my father's next-door neighbours, who were pretty rough and perhaps involved with a gang.   If my father hadn't picked up Imshi then she might have ended up dead in an illegal dog fight.

The chair Imshi's on belonged to my grandfather.   I used it after he died, I think it was a nice reminder of him for me.