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Aircraft and Military Museums
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Egyptian National Military Museum
Imperial War Museum at Duxford
Nellis Air Force Base Threat Training Facility
Pearl Harbor
USS Arizona memorial
Royal Air Force Museum at Hendon
United States Air Force Museum at Dayton
Vietnamese Air Force Museum in Hanoi
Yasukuni-jinja Yushukan War Museum
Yankee Air Museum

Aircraft, Miscellaneous  (sitemap, photo galleries)

SpaceShipOne's First Flight Into Space
Vietnamese Air Force in Action
Collings Foundation F-4D Phantom II Air-to-Air Photo Shoot

Airshows   (wallpaper , sitemap , photo galleries, website links )

Selfridge 2005 Michigan, USA
Gillespie 2005 California, USA
Holloman 2005 New Mexico, USA
Yuma 2005 Arizona, USA
Chino 2004 California, USA
March Field 2004 California, USA
Yuma 2004 Arizona, USA
El Centro 2004 California, USA
Chicago Air and Water Show 2003 Illinois, USA
Yankee Air Museum 2003 Michigan, USA
Oshkosh AirVenture 2003 Wisconsin, USA
Dayton 2003 Ohio, USA
Indianapolis Gathering of Corsairs 2002 Indiana, USA
Chicago Air and Water Show 2002 Illinois, USA
Yankee Air Museum 2002 Michigan, USA
Elkhart 2002 Indiana, USA
Oshkosh 2002 Wisconsin, USA
Royal International Air Tattoo (RIAT) 2002 Fairford, UK
Duxford Flying Legends 2002 Cambridgeshire, UK
Indianapolis Airshow 2001 Indiana, USA
Chicago Air and Water Show 2001 Illinois, USA
Oshkosh Airshow 2001 Wisconsin, USA
Frederick 2000 Maryland, USA
Wilkes-Barre Air Show 2000 Pennsylvania, USA
Oshkosh Airshow 1999 Wisconsin, USA
Andrews Air Force Base Airshow 1998 Maryland, USA
Townsville Royal Australian Air Force Airshow 1996 Townsville, Australia
Royal New Zealand Air Force Christchurch, New Zealand
Christchurch Airport Open Day Christchurch, New Zealand
Warbirds Over Wanaka 1996 Wanaka, New Zealand

Amphibians  (wallpaper , sitemap , website links)

Cane Toad Racing in Australia

Birds    (wallpaper sitemap , photo gallerieswebsite links )

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Australia photo galleries
Belize photo galleries
Costa Rica
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Mexico photo galleries
New Zealand
Trinidad and Tobago

Bugs   (wallpaper, sitemap, photo galleries, website links)

Listed by Name
Listed by Country
Czech Republic
New Zealand
Philippine Islands
United States of America

Reptiles   (wallpapersite mapphoto galleries, website links)


Mammals  (wallpaper,  website links)

Australian marsupials


Point!  Shoot!
Beyond Point and Shoot
airshow photography tips
bug photography tips
travel photography tips

The Travel Bug   (wallpaper, sitemap, photo galleries, website links)

Australia Czech Republic Malaysia The Solomon Islands Vietnam
Belize Egypt Mexico Thailand
Brunei Fiji New Zealand Trinidad and Tobago
Cambodia Guatemala The Philippine Islands Turkey
Canada Indonesia Russia The United Kingdom
Costa Rica Japan Singapore Vanuatu

Life Underwater   (wallpaper , sitemap , photo galleries, website links )

Underwater Animals Listed by Country
Underwater Animals Listed by Common Name
Underwater Animals Listed by Family
Underwater Animals Listed by Scientific Name

My Excellent American Adventure

Life in the USA
American Phrases
My Beautiful American Accent
Seasons and Celebrations
Fall Foliage at the Delaware Water Gap
New Year's Day