Reptiles of Belize and Guatemala (1999)

Lizard at Tikal in Guatemala
small dark lizard
small green lizard
lizard on a wooden post
small brown lizard
basilisk lizard

This is a striped basilisk lizard, also known as a "Jesus Christ lizard" because of its ability to run across water on its back feet.

basilisk lizard
basilisk lizard

How would you like that iguana, sir  -  plain?


...or with a hood under the chin?

iguana with a throat pouch

up a tree, looking for something to eat?

or on the ground eating some fruit?

iguana eating fruit
from below?
looking up at an iguana on a tree branch

from behind?

iguana on a stump (rear view)
iguana on a stump (side view)

from the side?

iguana hanging on upside down on a stump