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General Reptile Links

Zoltan Takacs PhotoWorld Dr Takacs' website has some of the most incredible photographs of snakes, other reptiles and amphibians, and invertebrates that I've ever seen.   Real National Geographic stuff, even the one of the dead housefly!  And the brief biography of Zoltan Takacs is interesting, too.
Yahoo Reptiles and Amphibians Website Links A list of about 450  reptile and amphibian websites.

Reptile Links By Type


Melissa Kaplan This enthusiast, who authored the book "Iguanas for Dummies" has built up an excellent website with information about keeping various types of reptiles.   The website used to have a nicely annotated list of reptile websites, but for some reason when she redeveloped her site she got rid of the descriptions.   Her need to reduce server bandwidth requirements by doing away with photographs prevents the website from getting five stars.
Basilisken links This page on a German website contains about 30 links to websites in various languages, including English, describing different species of basilisk lizard.


VenomousReptiles.org The "Southeastern Hot Herp Society" covers all venomous reptiles, meaning snakes apart from the only two venomous lizard species.  It has a good page of links to photo galleries, including a gallery where you can post snakes for identification.   Last visited in March of 2006.
Richard Adam's website bills itself as a "huge resource for those interested in snakes, as well as other exotic pets including lizards, turtles and tarantulas".   It's way too commercial for my taste, and I wouldn't list it at all if it weren't for the forums where you can ask other people about reptiles (not just snakes) you've found.   Last visited in March of 2006.

Turtles and Tortoises

This vast and sprawling website dedicated to turtles and tortoises isn't beautiful, but what it lacks in style it definitely makes up for in sheer quantity and quality of information.   There are sections in many different languages and a huge links page including links to turtle forums.   There is also a photo gallery ordered either geographically or by family.

Reptile Links By Region


Ecology Asia This private individual's website has good lizard, snake and turtle photo galleries with good pictures and text.   Last visited in October of 2009.
Nature Malaysia: reptiles This website has several galleries of photos arranged by family with text, and a single relatively small photo.   The site has slightly intrusive advertising.   Last visited in October of 2009.

Reptile Links By Country


Rare Images Gallery True to its name, this website doesn't have any text, but there are very good single-page photo galleries of lizards and snakes which are identified by their common and scientific names.   Last visited in August of 2009.

Costa Rica

Lizards of Las Cruces Biological Station This Cornell university website has about 15 photos of lizard species found at one spot in Costa Rica.


Encyclopedia of Japanese Reptiles This website is a truncated English version of the author's Japanese website.   Despite his protestations to the contrary, his English is very good, and the website is comprehensive, covering all species of reptiles found in Japan, including snakes, lizards and amphibians.   The website's URL bothers me - I suspect the website might move one day.


California Reptiles and Amphibians Gary Nafis's very professional website claims to list all the "herps" which live in California, and he's trying to put together identification guides for different categories of animal - snakes, lizards, frogs, toads, etc.  The only reason it doesn't get five stars is because it's not entirely complete yet, and because font sizes on some pages are so tiny that the pages are illegible.
Digimorph:  Horned Lizards The Digimorph website contains three-dimensional x-ray imagery of all manner of animals, both modern and fossilized.   The horned lizards section by Dr Wendy Hodges discusses the behavior and lifestyle of the 13 living species of horned lizard in North America, and of course contains x-ray images of all of them, which can be useful if you're trying to identify one.   The website is scientifically oriented and of limited scope, but very well done.   Last visited in March of 2006.
US Geological Survey Reptile Website Links A list of 30 or 40 American reptile and amphibian websites.

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