Lizards of Tobago's Buccoo Beach

Buccoo Beach turned out to be a great place for wildlife.   In the swampy pastures behind the beach near the carpark there were lots of interesting birds, mostly wattled jacanas but also a yellow-crowned night heron.   And in the trees behind the beach there were lizards.   I saw at least three types, as well as a good-sized snakeskin, but I only got good photographs of this type of lizard.

green lizard on Buccoo beach

This lizard was at the beach with his lady love, whose tail he is gently nibbling in this photo.   Look closer, and there she is under his chest - he's obviously the domineering type!

lizard nibbling tail of another lizard

That looks more comfortable!

two lizards on Buccoo Beach

Buccoo Beach lizard walking off in a huff

Domineering, yes.

Pleased that I was interfering with his courtship, definitely not.

I love those spots on the side of his body.

Another male lizard, this time on his own in the mangrove trees at the edge of the Buccoo Lagoon, to the West of Buccoo Beach.   I reached this area by heading North from Crown Point.

brown hooded lizard on mangrove branch

He's quite an attractive looking fellow, particularly with that crest behind his head, and the colors on his face.

brown hooded lizard on mangrove branch

I have a feeling I saw the female of this species at Fort King George on the other side of the island.

closeup of brown hooded lizard on mangrove branch