Lizards of Tobago

guesthouse lizard

In the tropics, you don't have to go far to see lizards.

This one was in the front yard of the cheap guesthouse in Crown Point where I was staying.

Same lizard, having a good look around.

closeup of guesthouse lizard

I think this is the same type of lizard, but this one was at Fort King George, which had lizards everywhere.

same type of lizard, at Fort King George

Another lizard at Fort King George.

another lizard at Fort King George

This attractive lizard was on Little Tobago, if you look at its tail you can see that it was just shedding its skin.

lizard on Little Tobago shedding its skin
Little Tobago lizard from above
Little Tobago lizard walking away

On the hill above Speyside, I spotted this gecko hiding out on the side of a shed.