Boogie Boarders on Oahu's North Shore

Some of these guys give the impression that they know what they're doing!

Though in this case, he doesn't seem too sure if he wants to be a boogie boarder lying down on his board, or a surfer standing on his board.

kneeling boogie boarder on a huge wave

The boogie boarders even have a few tricks up their sleeves which the surfers can't do.

boogie boarder spinning off the face of a wave

As usual, some rise above the rest.   We'll call this guy Flip...

zipping along a 12 foot wave

Flip loves rushing down the face of a monster (might I even say "gnarly"?) wave, especially when it starts crashing down behind him...

boogie boarder going down the face of a 15 foot wave

...and when things start to look a bit terminal, Flip knows that this could be the end of a beautiful ride...

boogie boarder with wave crashing down behind him

...or, if he plays his cards right...

boogie boarder part way through run

...the start of a new one!

boogie boarder jumping off top of a huge wave