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Hawaii Visitors Bureau This is the official Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau.   It looks like there's been a consolidation of Hawaiian tourism websites, because this one redirects you to GoHawaii.   They might as well not have bothered, because there's pathetically little real information on this website.
Big Island  (Go Hawaii) The website also redirects to GoHawaii.


Great Lakes Information Network The Great Lakes contain one fifth of the world's fresh water and cover more than 94,000 square miles.   This website is full of such information, presented in an easy to access format.
Volo Bog One of my favorite nature destinations in Illinois is Volo bog, the only quaking bog in the state, complete with carnivorous pitcher plants.   Boardwalks and a 3 mile trail around the bog allow you to see the birds and insects and make this a rewarding destination.  This Illinois Department of Natural Resources is an excellent one-page summary of the history of Volo Bog, what you'll find there, and how to get there.
Wikipedia:  Volo Bog The Wikipedia article on Volo Bog has good basic information about the history and biology of the bog.
Enjoy Illinois The official website of the Illinois tourism bureau has improved quite a bit over the last few years.   The website provides quite a bit of information about attractions in the state, and the Things To Do section has short descriptions and website links for some of the state's natural attractions, museums and other venues.   Last visited in July of 2010.