South Bound Brook Flood - Around South Bound Brook

Canal Road certainly lived up to its name!

Looking East along a flooded Canal Road.

If things were bad in South Bound Brook, then they were certainly much worse across the river, in Bound Brook proper.  Hundreds of residents were evacuated during the night, ten feet of water was flowing through Main St, and a row of stores went up in smoke, which is what you can see here.

Looking North along a flooded Canal Road towards the bridge.
South Bound Brook police station surrounded by water.

Looks like the police could use some rescuing themselves!

The Western on and off ramps of interstate 287 flooded with water.

This is my usual on ramp onto the freeway, but not today!

On the far side of the overpass, you can see what happens to people who are too optimistic.

If I can't get out the usual way, then how about crossing the main bridge into Bound Brook?

Well, maybe not today.

Water flowing over and smashing against the Bound Brook bridge.
Tree branches, 44 gallon drums and water covering the Bound Brook bridge.

You can see from the branches stacked onto the bridge how high the water was before I arrived.

And it turned out that those drums on the bridge contained toxic waste, which is another good reason not to go across here.

The river's coming down, but I'm not going for a swim in there anytime soon.

The Raritan river boiling and churning past the Bound Brook bridge.
flooded Push Button For Walk Signal at Davidson Ave.
flooded No Parking When Road is Snow Covered sign
overturned and flooded Sani Jon

Whoops, overflow!

truck making its way down a flooded Canal Road
Overflowing sewer pumping clear water into flooded Canal Road.