South Bound Brook Flood - A Community Event

TV van with 35 foot microwave aerial

There's nothing like a media feeding frenzy to bring out the locals and get them talking!

But what I want to know is, how did they get that aerial into the van?

TV crew setting up their camera gear.

In the foreground is South Bound Brook's primary road, and in the background is the D&R canal.

TV crew filming flooding on Canal Rd.
Motorists standing around looking wistfully at the freeway on ramp.

Really, a flood is a wonderful thing.

If these motorists weren't stranded here, they'd be sitting in their cars on the freeway, cursing and make obscene gestures at the very people they're now laughing and joking with.

Motorists standing around wondering how to get out of South Bound Brook.
Policeman desperately trying to convince motorists that there's nothing to see here.
guys watching goings-on from their roof

Even though this was a weekday, people were sitting on deck chairs watching goings-on, and these guys thought the roof was just a dandy place to sit around and empty a six pack or two.

What sort of depraved, unbalanced individual spends their time take photographs of devastation and destruction?

People like this need professional psychiatric help.

This weirdo's probably going to take his photos and put it up on a website, as if this is something entertaining.

Sick, sick, sick.

rubber necker with camera preying on people's pain and suffering