South Bound Brook Flood - Submerged Houses

Our Lady of Perpetual Precipitation,
Mistress of all the destruction she surveys.

Statue of a seated woman at the local Ukrainian Orthodox church, surrounded by water and across from a flooded house.
house and garage flooded almost to the roofline
kids stuck on the balcony of their flooded apartment

You can bet these kids will be glad when the water's gone down a bit.

That must be the high water mark on the side of the apartment.

flooded house and garage
flooded truck repair shop
flooded house and car at the end of an unflooded street
Guy on roof of flooded house whose dog was in the basement.

This guy's dog was locked in the basement when it woke him up at 4:00AM. 

The dog was standing in water at the top of the basement steps, barking.

The house is next to a lock on the D&R Canal, but I guess the lock wasn't closed and the canal got out.