Inside the Muriwai Gannet Colony

At nesting time, it's no fun being a solitary gannet...

gannet on its own

In fact, it's enough to make you want to stab yourself.

gannet preening

It's strange, because your hubby should have been home hours ago.   Where could he be?

standing gannet with two sitting gannets

Ah, having a friendly discussion with the neighbours!

two gannets attacking an interloper

Home at last!   Gannets are the only birds I know of which move between Australia and New Zealand, making the 2400 kilometer (1500 mile) trip against the prevailing winds during their first year, without their parents.

gannet pair in pair bond display

When they return to New Zealand to breed, they develop a pair bond which is reinforced over their lifespan with intricate greetings, and gift giving of such delights as seaweed.   The early birds reach the colony in July or August, and numbers peak in November.

gannet couple with beaks in the air   (click here to open a new window with this photo in computer wallpaper format)

It's just great to have a quiet romantic moment on your own with your beloved.

gannet couple standing in the middle of their neighbours