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Bird Website Links


CA MacDonald Birding Hotspots Around the World A very high quality website with lots of excellent information on birds all around the world, with information listed by country , and lots of photographs of birds of the world.
The Owl Pages This website has a list of all the world's owls, some of which it describes in detail on separate pages.    There's also a very good website links page.
This website seems to have gone downhill since I first visited in 2005, it has quite a bit of advertising and there's very little real information.   However it does include a photo gallery with spectacular images.   Last visited in April of 2009.
Bird Links to the World A list of over 8000 links to birding websites around the world.
Bird Families of the World This website covers the 202 bird families of the world, with a page devoted to each family; it's a work in progress, so not every family has a page yet.   The pages have good descriptive text of the family, along with photographs of family members.
Mark Cassino's "Page 2000" website This private individual's website is packed with very high quality and very artistically photographed birds, as well as other subjects of general interest.
International Crane Foundation A very professional website which provides lots of information about the world's 15 species of crane.
Hummingbird.Net This excellent website contains lots of information about North American hummingbirds.   Contains excellent photos and descriptions of all the North American species.   Watch what happens to your cursor when you move it around in the browser window!


OzAnimals The bird section of the OzAnimals website has an alphabetical list of all Australian birds, but what's of more interest to most people is the index on the left of the page, which takes you to galleries of birds arranged by family.   The photos in the galleries are high quality and large enough to use for identification purposes.   You can then click on any bird name to see a page devoted to that bird, which usually contains facts about it.   Last visited in February of 2010.
Birds in Backyards The Birds in Backyards website is associated with the Australian Museum.   It has a good Bird Finder which allows people to quickly track down birds they're interested in.   The photos in the photo galleries produced by the Bird Finder are very small, but still useable, and clicking on a photo takes you to a very useful fact sheet for that bird.   Last visited in February of 2010.
Australasian bird image database Tom and Marie Tarrant's Australasian bird image database hosts a huge number of photos supplied by different people.   There used to be photo galleries arranged by family or species, but now you get a list of species and have to click on the species to see the photos, which makes it very difficult to use this site for identification.   Last visited in February of 2010.

New Zealand

New Zealand birds A somewhat depressing website which starts by listing how many of the native birds have become extinct, but has good birdwatching trip reports and links, and a comprehensive list of New Zealand birds together with photographs and very good descriptions.   Unfortunately, some parts of the website use only the native Maori names of the birds, which might be wonderfully Politically Correct, but very unhelpful.   After all, the Maori are relatively recent migrants to New Zealand, just like Europeans!
Department of Conservation:  Birds The Department of Conservation (or "Doc", as it's usually called) is the government department charged with nature management in New Zealand.   This website has a very good set of pages describing endemic birds.   Last visited in January of 2008.
Tiritiri Matangi Bird Sanctuary About an hour by ferry from downtown Auckland, the island of Tiritiri Matangi is a sanctuary with many very rare species which are difficult to see anywhere else.   This sanctuary is a must see for people interested in birds, but the website lacks photographs and isn't updated often.   Last visited in June of 2006.
Kakapo Recovery Programme This very nicely done website starts by telling you that there are 6 billion humans on the planet, but only 36 kakapo, the world's largest parrot and flightless and nocturnal, to boot!  As the website starts up, you'll hear the bizarre un-birdlike "booming" call it makes.
New Zealand Penguins This website has information about the seven varieties of penguin which make their home around the New Zealand coastline.   Good photos of the penguins are included, along with information about where they can be viewed.   The list of viewing sites even includes wild penguin viewing sites in Australia, South America and South Africa, and zoos in the UK, USA and South America.

Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago Birding Hotspots The CA MacDonald website has lots of excellent information about birdwatching in Trinidad and Tobago.
Discovering the Birds of Trinidad and Tobago Brian Ramsey's website contains a list of photos by common name, each of which takes you to a page of photos with descriptions.   There's also a brief description of birding spots.   Last visited in December of 2005.
Asa Wright Nature Centre The Asa Wright Nature Centre is Trinidad's premier bird sanctuary, located in the hills North-West of the capital, Port of Spain.   The centre's verandah is an excellent viewing platform for the local birds, and even for local residents such as agoutis and lizards.
Russell Barrow's Birds of Trinidad and Tobago This page was set up by Keith Barrow as a tribute to his late father, Russell.   It has linked photos of about 25 birds, all of which seemed to be very well done.


Audubon Society Audubon is the premier bird conservation organization in the USA, with local chapters around the country.   The society is named after early naturalist John James Audubon, who made excellent paintings of American birds.   Less well known is that he often made these paintings from dead birds and once said "I consider birds few if I can shoot less than a hundred a day".
Animal Diversity Web This website created by the University of Michigan's museum of zoology has pages for all types of animals including birds, with separate sections for families such as ducks and geese and herons, egrets and bittens.   Each section in turn has pages devoted to individual species within that family.   It's not comprehensive even for North American species, but it contains entries for species outside North America, which makes it even patchier.   Last visited in August of 2006.
Audubon Society:  New Jersey The New Jersey chapter of Audubon sponsors the self-proclaimed "world series of birding".
United States Geological Survey links page This enormous list of links to biology websites includes a large list of bird websites.
Florida Museum of Natural History This website contains photo galleries of south-eastern birds.   The galleries linked from the front page each have photos of a single species, and you have to scroll to get to the next species.   The alphabetical list of birds gives you access to single photos of the birds.
The Virtual Birder Photo Gallery Links to about 10 photo galleries of North American birds.   The Virtual Birder website also has links to bird information in all the states of the USA and provinces of Canada.

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