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Birds Listed by Common Name

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American avocet wallpaper
American darter see anhinga
American egret see great egret
American flamingo Water Birds of Rio Lagartos (Yucatan)
American kestrel wallpaper
American redstart Guatemala
American robin Birds of Volo Bog
American white pelican wallpaper
American white ibis Water Birds of Rio Lagartos (Yucatan)
anhinga Water Birds of Rio Lagartos (Yucatan)
Anna's hummingbird wallpaper
Australasian darter wallpaper
Australasian gannet wallpaper
Muriwai gannet colony
gannet behavior at Muriwai
bald eagle wallpaper
banded quail wallpaper
banded rail wallpaper
bare-throated tiger heron Water Birds of Rio Lagartos (Yucatan)
barn owl wallpaper
barred quail see banded quail
bellbird wallpaper
common birds of the New Zealand forest
black-crowned night heron Birds of Volo Bog
black-necked stilt wallpaper
black skimmer wallpaper
Water Birds of Rio Lagartos (Yucatan)
black swan wallpaper
black vulture wallpaper
black-winged stilt see pied stilt
blue-crowned motmot Highlights of the Yucatan
blue tit wallpaper
Wildlife of the Czech Republic
blue wattled crow see kokako
boat-billed flycatcher Wildlife of Belize (2009)
boat-billed heron Water Birds of Rio Lagartos (Yucatan)
brolga wallpaper
brown pelican wallpaper
brown teal Tiritiri Matangi island
brush turkey wallpaper
cactus wren Coachella Valley Preserve, California
Canada goose wallpaper
Birds of Volo Bog
Caribbean flamingo see American flamingo
Caspian tern Water Birds of Rio Lagartos (Yucatan)
cattle egret Water Birds of Rio Lagartos (Yucatan)
cedar waxwing wallpaper
chestnut-mandibled toucan wallpaper
Chinese pond heron Wildlife of Cambodia
cinerous wattled bird see kokako
Clark's grebe wallpaper
collared aracari Guatemala
common black hawk Water Birds of Rio Lagartos (Yucatan)
common egret see great egret
common kingfisher wallpaper
common pauraque Wildlife of Belize (2009)
common teal see green-winged teal
common tody flycatcher Belize
copper-rumped hummingbird wallpaper
crested fireback pheasant See Malayan crested fireback pheasant
double-crested cormorant Water Birds of Rio Lagartos (Yucatan)
downy woodpecker wallpaper
Eastern bluebird wallpaper
emerald toucanet wallpaper
European kingfisher see common kingfisher
fantail wallpaper
common birds of the New Zealand forest
Gambel's quail wallpaper
Coachella Valley Preserve, California
gray heron wallpaper
great blue heron wallpaper
Birds of Volo Bog
great egret wallpaper
Birds of Volo Bog
greater roadrunner wallpaper
Coachella Valley Preserve, California
great kiskadee Highlights of the Yucatan
great-tailed grackle Guatemala
great white egret see great egret
green heron wallpaper
Birds of Volo Bog
green-backed heron see green heron
green-winged teal Birds of Volo Bog
grey heron see gray heron
hoiho see yellow-eyed penguin
hooded oriole Belize (male)
Indian forest kingfisher see Oriental dwarf kingfisher
Indian three-toed kingfisher see Oriental dwarf kingfisher
jack bird see saddleback
Java finch see Java sparrow
Java rice finch see Java sparrow
Java rice sparrow see Java sparrow
Java sparrow Hawaii
jungle myna Highlights of Fiji
kea wallpaper
common birds of the New Zealand forest
keel-billed toucan wallpaper
kereru see New Zealand wood pigeon
killdeer wallpaper
Coachella Valley Preserve, California
kokako wallpaper
Tiritiri Matangi island
korimako see bellbird
ladder-backed woodpecker Morongo Valley, California
large egret see great egret
laughing dove see Senegal dove
laughing gull Water Birds of Rio Lagartos (Yucatan)
lesser ground cuckoo wallpaper
lineated woodpecker Highlights of the Yucatan
little blue heron Water Birds of Rio Lagartos (Yucatan)
little pied cormorant wallpaper
little shag see little pied cormorant
magpie goose wallpaper
Malayan crested fireback pheasant wallpaper
makomako see bellbird
Malay forest kingfisher see Oriental dwarf kingfisher
Malay kingfisher see Oriental dwarf kingfisher
mallard duck wallpaper
Coachella Valley Preserve, California
mangrove swallow Guatemala
masked lapwing see spur-winged plover
masked plover see spur-winged plover
mockingbird wallpaper
moho see takahe
mute swan Birds of Volo Bog
New Zealand wood pigeon wallpaper
Common Birds of the New Zealand Forest
nightjar Wildlife of Belize (2009)
Northern shoveler Birds of Volo Bog
Notornis see takahe
ocellated turkey wallpaper:
Guatemala (2009)
Guatemala (1999)
orange-bellied trogon wallpaper
Oriental dwarf kingfisher Wildlife of Thailand
osprey Water Birds of Rio Lagartos (Yucatan)
Pacific golden plover wallpaper
painted stork Wildlife of Cambodia
palm dove see Senegal dove
pied cormorant wallpaper
pied kingfisher wallpaper
pied shag see pied cormorant
pied stilt wallpaper
poaka see pied stilt
pukeko wallpaper
Common Birds of the New Zealand Forest
purple gallinule see pukeko
purple swamphen see pukeko
purple-throated mountain gem wallpaper
rainbow bee-eater wallpaper
rainbow lorikeet wallpaper
red-backed forest kingfisher see Oriental dwarf kingfisher
red-billed gull wallpaper
red-billed tropicbird wallpaper
red-crowned parakeet wallpaper
reddish egret Water Birds of Rio Lagartos (Yucatan)
red-headed woodpecker Birds of Volo Bog
red-winged blackbird wallpaper
Birds of Volo Bog
red-tailed hawk wallpaper
resplendent quetzal wallpaper
ringed kingfisher wallpaper
roadside hawk wallpaper
roseate spoonbill wallpaper
ruby-crowned kinglet wallpaper
ruddy turnstone Water Birds of Rio Lagartos (Yucatan)
rufous-backed kingfisher see Oriental dwarf kingfisher
rufous-tailed jacamar wallpaper:
sacred kingfisher common birds of the New Zealand forest
saddleback wallpaper
Tiritiri Matangi island
sandhill crane wallpaper:
Birds of Volo Bog
scrub turkey see brush turkey
Senegal dove wallpaper
Siberian crane wallpaper
silver gull see red-billed gull
silvereye see wax-eye
snakebird see Australasian darter or anhinga
snowy egret wallpaper:
juvenile, Costa Rica
adult, Egypt
South Island robin common birds of the New Zealand forest
sparrowhawk see American kestrel
spectacled owl wallpaper
spur-winged plover wallpaper
sulphur-crested cockatoo wallpaper
swamp hen see pukeko
takahe wallpaper
Tiritiri Matangi island
three-toed forest kingfisher see Oriental dwarf kingfisher
three-toed kingfisher see Oriental dwarf kingfisher
tieke see saddleback
tree swallow wallpaper
Birds of Volo Bog
tricolored heron Water Birds of Rio Lagartos (Yucatan)
tropical kingbird Guatemala
tui wallpaper
common birds of the New Zealand forest
turkey vulture wallpaper
turnstone see ruddy turnstone
variable oystercatcher wallpaper
Vieillot's crested fireback pheasant See Malayan crested fireback pheasant
violaceous trogon wallpaper
water turkey see anhinga
wattled starling see saddleback
wax-eye common birds of the New Zealand forest
Western grebe wallpaper
whimbrel Water Birds of Rio Lagartos (Yucatan)
white-breasted nuthatch Birds of Volo Bog
white egret see great egret
white-eye see wax-eye
white-faced heron wallpaper
white-fronted amazon see white-fronted parrot
white-fronted parrot wallpaper
whitehead wallpaper
common birds of the New Zealand forest
white-headed stilt see pied stilt
white ibis see American white ibis
white-necked jacobin hummingbird wallpaper
white pelican see American white pelican
white-throated kingfisher wallpaper
white-throated sparrow wallpaper
whooping crane wallpaper
wood duck Birds of Volo Bog
yellow-eyed penguin wallpaper
yellow warbler Birds of Volo Bog

Birds Listed by Family

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American see American avocet
red-winged see red-winged blackbird
eastern see Eastern bluebird
double-crested see double-crested cormorant
little pied see little pied cormorant
pied see pied cormorant
brolga see brolga
sandhill see sandhill crane
Siberian see Siberian crane
whooping see whooping crane
lesser ground cuckoo see lesser ground cuckoo
greater roadrunner see greater roadrunner
doves see also pigeons
laughing see Senegal dove
palm see Senegal dove
Senegal see Senegal dove
brown teal see brown teal
common teal see green-winged teal
green-winged teal see green-winged teal
mallard see mallard duck
Northern shoveler see Northern shoveler
unidentified Australian wallpaper
wood see wood duck
bald see bald eagle
egrets photo galleries
American see great egret
cattle see cattle egret
common see great egret
great see great egret
great white see great egret
large see great egret
reddish see reddish egret
snowy see snowy egret
white see great egret
Java see Java sparrow
boat-billed flycatcher see boat-billed flycatcher
common tody see common tody flycatcher
Australasian see Australasian gannet
Canada see Canada goose
magpie see magpie goose
great-tailed see great-tailed grackle
Clark's see Clark's grebe
Western see Western grebe
laughing see laughing gull
red-billed see red-billed gull
silver see red-billed gull
unidentified Turkish wallpaper
common black hawk see common black hawk
red-tailed hawk see red-tailed hawk
roadside hawk see roadside hawk
sparrow hawk see American kestrel
herons photo galleries
bare-throated tiger see bare-throated tiger
black-crowned night see black-crowned night heron
boat-billed see boat-billed heron
Chinese pond see Chinese pond heron
gray see gray heron
great blue see great blue heron
green see green heron
grey see gray heron
little blue see little blue heron
tricolored see tricolored heron
white-faced see white-faced heron
hummingbirds wallpaper
Anna's see Anna's hummingbird
copper-rumped see copper-rumped hummingbird
purple-throated mountain gem see purple-throated mountain gem
white-necked jacobin see white-necked jacobin hummingbird
rufous-tailed see rufous-tailed jacamar
American see American kestrel
kingfishers photo galleries
common see common kingfisher
European see common kingfisher
Indian forest see Oriental dwarf kingfisher
Indian three-toed see Oriental dwarf kingfisher
Malay forest see Oriental dwarf kingfisher
Malay see Oriental dwarf kingfisher
Oriental see Oriental dwarf kingfisher
pied see pied kingfisher
red-backed forest see Oriental dwarf kingfisher
ringed see ringed kingfisher
rufous-backed see Oriental dwarf kingfisher
sacred see sacred kingfisher
three-toed forest see Oriental dwarf kingfisher
three-toed see Oriental dwarf kingfisher
white-throated see white-throated kingfisher
ruby-crowned see ruby-crowned kinglet
common pauraque see common pauraque
hooded see hooded oriole
barn see barn owl
spectacled see spectacled owl
variable see variable oystercatcher
parakeets see also parrots
red-crowned see red-crowned parakeet
parrots see also parakeets
photo galleries
kea see kea
red-crowned parakeet see red-crowned parakeet
sulphur-crested cockatoo see sulphur-crested cockatoo
white-fronted parrot see white-fronted parrot
American white see American white pelican
brown see brown pelican
white see American white pelican
yellow-eyed see yellow-eyed penguin
pigeons see also doves
New Zealand wood pigeon see New Zealand wood pigeon
plovers photo galleries
killdeer see killdeer
masked lapwing see spur-winged plover
masked plover see spur-winged plover
Pacific golden plover see Pacific golden plover
spur-winged plover see spur-winged plover
banded see banded quail
barred see banded quail
Gambel's see Gambel's quail
resplendent see resplendent quetzal
banded rail see banded rail
takahe see takahe
seagulls see gulls
shags see cormorants
Java see Java sparrow
white-throated see white-throated sparrow
black-necked stilt see black-necked stilt
black-winged see pied stilt
pied see pied stilt
white-headed see pied stilt
mangrove see mangrove swallow
tree see tree swallow
black see black swan
mute see mute swan
Caspian see Caspian tern
unidentified Californian wallpaper
chestnut-mandibled see chestnut-mandibled toucan
keel-billed see keel-billed toucan
orange-bellied see orange-bellied trogon
violaceous see violaceous trogon
brush see brush turkey
ocellated see ocellated turkey
scrub see brush turkey
black see black vulture
turkey see turkey vulture
yellow see yellow warbler
downy see downy woodpecker
ladder-backed see ladder-backed woodpecker
lineated see lineated woodpecker
red-headed see red-headed woodpecker
cactus see cactus wren

Birds Listed by Scientific or Latin Name

 A   B   C   D   E   F   G   H   I   J   K   L   M   N   O   P   Q   R   S   T   U   V   W   X   Y   Z 
Acridotheres fuscus see jungle myna
Aechmophorus clarkii see Clark's grebe
Aechmophorus occidentalis see Western grebe
Agelaius phoeniceus see red-winged blackbird
Agriocharis ocellata see ocellated turkey
Aix sponsa see wood duck
Ajaja ajaja see roseate spoonbill
Alcedo atthis see common kingfisher
Alectura lathami see brush turkey
Amazilia tobaci see copper-rumped hummingbird
Amazona albifrons see white-fronted parrot
Anas aucklandica chlorotis see brown teal
Anas crecca crecca see green-winged teal
Anas clypeata see Northern shoveler
Anas platyrhynchos see mallard duck
Anhinga anhinga see anhinga
Anhinga novaehollandiae see Australasian darter
Anseranas semipalmata see magpie goose
Anthornis melanura see bellbird
Ardea alba see great egret
Ardea cinerea see gray heron
Ardea herodias see great blue heron
Ardeola bacchus see Chinese pond heron
Arenaria interpres see ruddy turnstone
Aulacorhynchus prasinus see emerald toucanet
Bombycilla cedrorum see cedar waxwing
Branta canadensis see Canada goose
Bubulcus ibis see cattle egret
Buteogallus anthracinus see common black hawk
Buteo jamaicensis see red-tailed hawk
Buteo magnirostris see roadside hawk
Butorides virescens see green heron
Cacatua galerita see sulphur-crested cockatoo
Callaeas cinerea wilsoni see kokako
Callipepla gambelli see Gambel's quail
Calypte anna see Anna's hummingbird
Campylorhynchus brunneicapillus see cactus wren
Casmerodius albus  (obsolete name) see great egret
Cathartes aura see turkey vulture
Ceryle rudis see pied kingfisher
Ceryle torquata see ringed kingfisher
Ceyx erithaca  (common misspelling) see Ceyx erithacus
Ceyx erithacus see Oriental dwarf kingfisher
Charadrius vociferus see killdeer
Cochlearius cochlearius see boat-billed heron
Coragyps atratus see black vulture
Cyanoramphus novaezelandiae see red-crowned parakeet
Cygnus atratus see black swan
Cygnus olor see mute swan
Dendroica petechia see yellow warbler
Dryocopus lineatus see lineated woodpecker
Egretta alba see great egret
Egretta caerulea see little blue heron
Egretta novaehollandiae see white-faced heron
Egretta rufescens see reddish egret
Egretta thula see snowy egret
Egretta tricolor see tricolored egret
Eudocimus albus see American white ibis
Falco sparverius see American kestrel
Florisuga mellivora see white-necked jacobin hummingbird
Galbula ruficauda see rufous-tailed jacamar
Geococcyx californianus see greater roadrunner
Grus americana see whooping crane
Grus canadensis see sandhill crane
Grus leucogeranus see Siberian crane
Grus rubicundus see brolga
Haematopus unicolor see variable oystercatcher
Halcyon sancta see sacred kingfisher
Halcyon smyrnensis see white-throated kingfisher
Haliaeetus leucocephalus see bald eagle
Hemiphaga novaeseelandiae see New Zealand wood pigeon
Himantopus himantopus see pied stilt
Himantopus mexicanus see black-necked stilt
Hydroprogne caspia see Caspian tern
Hydroprogne tschegrava (obsolete name) see Hydroprogne caspia
Icterus cucullatus see hooded oriole
Lampornis calolaema see purple-throated mountain gem
Larus novaehollandiae scopulinus see red-billed gull
Leucophaeus atricilla see laughing gull
Lonchura oryzivora see Java sparrow
Lophura ignita rufa see Malayan crested fireback pheasant
Megadyptes antipodes see yellow-eyed penguin
Megarynchus pitangua see boat-billed flycatcher
Melanerpes erythrocephalus see red-headed woodpecker
Merops ornatus see rainbow bee-eater
Mimus polyglottos see mockingbird
Mohoua albicilla see whitehead
Morococcyx erythropygus see lesser ground cuckoo
Morus serrator see Australasian gannet
Momotus momota see blue-crowned motmot
Mycteria leucocephala see painted stork
Nestor notabilis see kea
Notornis mantelli  (obsolete name) see takahe
Numenius phaeopus see whimbrel
Nycticorax nycticorax see black-crowned night heron
Nyctidromus albicollis see common pauraque
Padda oryzivora  (obsolete name) see Java sparrow
Pandion haliaetus see osprey
Parus caeruleus see blue tit
Pelecanus erythrorhynchos see American white pelican
Pelecanus occidentalis see brown pelican
Petroica australis australis see South Island robin
Phalacrocorax auritus see double-crested cormorant
Phalacrocorax melanoleucos see little pied cormorant
Phalacrocorax varius see pied cormorant
Pharomachrus mocinno see resplendent quetzal
Philesturnus carunculatus see saddleback
Philortyx fasciatus see banded quail
Phoenicopterus ruber see American flamingo
Picoides pubescens see downy woodpecker
Picoides scalaris see ladder-backed woodpecker
Pitangus sulphuratus see great kiskadee
Pluvialis fulva see Pacific golden plover
Porphyrio mantelli see takahe
Porphyrio porphyrio melanotus see pukeko
Prosthermadera novaeseelandiae see tui
Pteroglossus torquatus see collared aracari
Pulsatrix perspicillata see spectacled owl
Quiscalus mexicanus see great-tailed grackle
Rallis philippensis see banded rail
Ramphastos sulfuratus see keel-billed toucan
Ramphastos swainsonii see chestnut-mandibled toucan
Recurvirostra americana see American avocet
Regulus calendula see ruby-crowned kinglet
Rhipidura fuliginosa see fantail
Rynchops niger see black skimmer
Saucerottia tobaci see copper-rumped hummingbird
Setophaga ruticilla see American redstart
Sialia sialis see Eastern bluebird
Sitta carolinensis see white-breasted nuthatch
Sterna caspia (obsolete name) see Hydroprogne caspia
Streptopelia senegalensis see Senegal dove
Tachycineta albilinea see mangrove swallow
Tachycineta bicolor see tree swallow
Tigrisoma mexicanum see bare-throated tiger heron
Trichoglossus haematodus see rainbow lorikeet
Trichoglossus moluccanus see rainbow lorikeet
Trochilus Tobaci see copper-rumped hummingbird
Trogon aurantiiventris see orange-bellied trogon
Trogon violaceus see violaceous trogon
Todirostrum cinereum see common tody flycatcher
Turdus migratorius see American robin
Tyrannus melancholicus see tropical kingbird
Tyto alba see barn owl
Vanellus miles see spur-winged plover
Zonotrichia albicollis see white-throated sparrow
Zosterops lateralis see wax-eye