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Australia Common Name
Belize Family
Cambodia Scientific (Latin) Name
Costa Rica
Czech Republic
New Zealand
United States of America

Fungi Listed by Country


unidentified fungus wallpaper
stinkhorn wallpaper


Wildlife of Belize (2009) photo gallery
cup fungi wallpaper


unidentified bolete Wildlife of Cambodia

Costa Rica

cup mushroom wallpaper

Czech Republic

Fungi of the Czech Republic
unidentified purple mushroom
fly agaric
unidentified pink mushrooms
unidentified brown mushroom
unidentified yellow mushroom
unidentified bolete wallpaper
unidentified polypore
unidentified puffballs
giant puffball
unidentified earthstar wallpaper
unidentified puffball and bird's nest fungus
unidentified bird's nest fungus
unidentified coral fungus
unidentified Amanita fungus
unidentified mushroom infected with mould
trooping crumble caps  (aka fairies' bonnets) wallpaper
unidentified slime mould
unopened fly agaric wallpaper


Wildlife of Malaysia
moth parasitized by fungus wallpaper
unidentified bioluminescent fungus wallpaper
unidentified cup fungi wallpaper

New Zealand

fly agaric wallpaper


unidentified toothed fungus wallpaper

United States of America   (photo galleries)

Acarospora chlorophana lichen wallpaper
Devil's Lake, Wisconsin
coral fungus wallpaper
eyelash fungi wallpaper
orange peel peziza wallpaper
orange wood cup wallpaper
turkey tail wallpaper
unidentified slime mold wallpaper
phallic fungi
Volo Bog, Illinois
bolete wallpaper
chicken of the woods wallpaper
dryad's saddle or pheasant's back wallpaper

Fungi Listed by Name

Fungi Listed by Common Name

British soldier lichen Devil's Lake
chicken of the woods  wallpaper
coral fungus Devil's Lake
dryad's saddle wallpaper
earthstar wallpaper
eyelash fungus wallpaper
Devil's Lake
fairies' bonnets see trooping crumble cap
fly agaric wallpaper:
unopened fly agaric fungus in the Czech Republic
fly agaric fungi in New Zealand
open fly agaric fungus in the Czech Republic
lemon disco see orange wood cup
orange wood cup wallpaper
Devil's Lake
orange peel fungus wallpaper
Devil's Lake
pheasant's back see dryad's saddle
sulfur shelf see chicken of the woods
sulphur shelf see chicken of the woods
trooping crumble cap Mushrooms and Toadstools of the Czech Republic
turkey tail wallpaper
Devil's Lake
wolf's milk slime mold Devil's Lake

Fungi Listed by Family

unidentified Cambodian Wildlife of Cambodia
unidentified Czech wallpaper
unidentified Illinois wallpaper
coral fungus
Devil's Lake
cup fungi
unidentified Belizean cup fungi wallpaper
unidentified Malaysian cup fungi wallpaper
unidentified Costa Rican cup fungus wallpaper
Acarospora chlorophana see Acarospora chlorophana lichen
British soldier lichen see British soldier lichen
slime molds
wolf's milk see wolf's milk slime mold
unidentified orange (Wisconsin) wallpaper

Fungi Listed by Scientific (Latin) Name

Acarospora chlorophana lichen wallpaper
Aleuria aurantia see orange peel fungus
Amanita muscaria see fly agaric
Bisporella citrina see orange wood cup
Calycella citrina   (obsolete name) see orange wood cup
Coprinus disseminatus see trooping crumble cap
Coriolus versicolor see turkey tail
Helotium citrinum   (obsolete name) see orange wood cup
Laetiporus sulphureus see chicken of the woods
Lycogala epidendrum see wolf's milk slime mold
Polyporus squamosus  see dryad's saddle
Polyporus versicolor see turkey tail
Polyporus sulphureus see chicken of the woods
Scutellinia sp. see eyelash fungus