Going to the Great Barrier Reef

Catamaran arriving at Magnetic Island
whales spotted on the way to Kelso Reef

I didn't take my long lens with me, because I thought "what's the point of a long lens out on the open ocean?"   Plenty, it turned out.   I did get feeble photos of a migrating whale with my short lens, but I entirely missed the sea snake which was making its way along the surface of the water.

And here it, Kelso Reef.   The Great Barrier Reef is made up of hundreds and hundreds of separate named sections of reef   The small boats you see in this picture are glass-bottomed boats for people who don't want to scuba, snorkel or swim.   The larger boat is a pontoon with changing rooms and tables to sit and eat.

arriving at Kelso reef
Glass bottomed boats, pontoon and snorkelling area at Kelso Reef
closeup of the snorkelling area

The water's crystal clear.   The tour operators rope off areas of the reef for snorkellers to swim within, changing them periodically so the reef doesn't become damaged.

fish waiting to be fed
fish being fed