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Tourism Offices Worldwide Directory Contains links to the official tourism websites of every country in the world, as well as that country's overseas tourism offices and official regional websites.   Afghanistan, not surprisingly, is absent and the USA, which doesn't have an official national tourism website, has separate listings by state.   Given its stated mission, TOWD is extremely well done.
SwissInfo WorldTime You can look up the current time anywhere in the world from this website.  It's a very simple website, but useful if you want to make a phone call to somewhere far away.
Festivals Around the World Lists festivals in countries all around the world, as well as tourist information about each country such as a map of the country and a list of tourism links.   The map which shows New Zealand within the Pacific is hideously distorted and the single page summary of New Zealand absurdly lists Invercargill as one of the four main cities, however the list of New Zealand tourism links is excellent, and I assume the same applies for other countries.   Last visited in July of 2007.
International Ecotourism Society This highly regarded website contains extensive eco-travel information compiled by the International Ecotourism Society, which has been in operation since 1990.
Lonely Planet This is the guidebook I've used ever since starting to travel.   It's full of practical information, and has a useful online chat area called The Thorn Tree where you can ask questions and get answers from fellow travellers, or just read what other people are saying about destinations which interest you.
CIA World Factbook Yes, that is the same CIA I'm talking about!   The Central Intelligence Agency of the US government provides basic statistical facts about every country around the world, as well as other territories (check out Navassa Island: population none and no economic activity, but hey there is "scattered cactus"!).
CyberCaptive Cyber Cafe Search Engine This website lets you find any of over 7000 internet cafes in over 150 countries around the world by entering the name of the country or city where the cafe is located.
Internet Cafe Guide This site is heavy in advertising, but it also contains lots of information on locations of internet cafes around the world, claiming to list over 3500.
US State Department Travel Warnings The State Department of the American government issues travel warnings about various countries, often for political disturbances.   Last visited in January of 2005.

Latin America

PlanetA.com An ecotourism website with lots of articles about various ecotourism topics, sections about ecotourism in various Latin American countries, travellers resources including tourism companies and locations of cyber cafes, and even rugby in Latin America!

The Pacific

Pacific-Pictures.com This commercial website by the author of the Moon Handbook travel guide to the South Pacific has a page for each country, with about 10 photos for each country.   There's also a website links page.   Last visited in July of 2005.


Australia's Official Tourism Website The official website of the Australian Tourist Commission, the government tourism agency.


Wikipedia The Wikipedia article on Brunei is as good an online resource for the country as you'll find.   As well as a general overview, there's also a historical section which covers the Brunei Rebellion, information about the current sultan and a Brunei travel section.   Last visited in January of 2006.
Brunei Tourism The new Brunei Tourism website is a big improvement on the old website, which in 2007 had a tourism section which talked about the government's official goal of one million visitors in the year 2000 as a future event!   Last visited in June of 2010.
CIA Factbook The Central Intelligence Agency world factbook has a good potted account of the country, including a large scale map.   There's very little tourist information here, which is fine since there's very little for a tourist to do in Brunei, anyway.   Last visited in January of 2006.

Costa Rica

Tico Times The Tico Times is an English language newspaper which has been covering Costa Rica since 1971.
Organization for Tropical Studies (OTS) The Organization for Tropical Studies has 3 research stations in Costa Rica, at La Selva, Las Cruces and Palo Verde.   I passed the station at Palo Verde, but I didn't realize that outside visitors could stay there and have organized walks from there.   Rates vary - with the Palo Verde accomodation set at $55 per night I probably would have stayed in my tent anyway, but $30 for a full-day guided walk seems like good value.


Egyptian Museum This is the official website of the Egyptian museum, rather than pretenders like www.EgyptianMuseum.com.   I was concerned that this website might be as poorly organized and labelled as the museum, but actually it's not bad.   The masterpieces section of the website shows many of the most interesting and significant artifacts held at the museum, and the pharoanic eras section will clue you in on who did what and when.
Griffith Institute Archive The Griffith Institute, based in England, claims to have the "largest specialized Egyptological archive" in the world.   Unfortunately their website is not being actively updated, the last changes being in 2005.   The coverage of Egyptian archaeology is deep rather than broad, with very few subjects covered, but those subjects are covered very thoroughly.   The most interesting section for most people is the records of Howard Carter's excavation of Tutankhamun's tomb in the Valley of the Kings, complete with photographs taken at the time of the excavation and, best of all, descriptions and photographs of Howard Carter's on-site notebooks and the articles found.   Since this website is an archive of source materials, there's no description of the articles, beyond what Carter himself provided.   Last visited in July of 2007.
Professor Elizabeth Carney's website Elizabeth Carney's website has good sections on Akhenaten and his Family and  The Tomb of Tutankhamun.   There are lots of photos, unfortunately each section contains a huge amount of material but occupies only a single page, which means frustration for anyone with a dial-up internet connection.   There's some annotation, but not enough to satisfy most Egyptophiles.
Andrew Bayuk's slightly odd (I never did find out the significance of the "Guardian" name) and rather messy website is his personal testament to an obsession with Egypt which strikes quite a few people.   The website has been around since 1995 (yes, there was an internet in 1995) and is very incomplete, but the pages which have been created have good photos and the text is full of great facts, thankfully not of the weird New Age space alien type.
International Museum Institute of Texas This very large web page has photographs and text describing articles from the 20 year long world tour of items from the Egyptian museum, including items from Tutankhamun's tomb as well as other significant finds such as the Narmer palette and images of other pharoahs such as Akhenaton.


Tourism Fiji The official Fijian government website has a lot of useful information, including links to other tourist oriented websites.   Last visited in January of 2008.
Fiji Government Online The official website of the Fijian government has a page of links to government departments, including the Fiji Visitors Bureau.
Beachcomber Island Resort This island in the Mamanuca group north of Nadi is the "party island" of Fiji, packed with hundreds of younger travellers whose idea of foreign travel revolves around partying with other sexy young things at night and indulging in sun-bathing and watersports during the daytime.   Last visited in April of 2008.
Navini The resort website proudly proclaims that "You can and will stroll around the island in 10 minutes", which makes this island in the Mamanuca group a good place for the tourist who wants to relax and isn't too interested in adventure.   Last visited in April of 2008.
Treasure Island Treasure Island has more watersports than Beachcomber but in a more adult atmosphere, with canned culture in the form of a kava ceremony and "Polynesian" hula dancing and fire dancing - a slightly odd idea, in what is after all really a Melanesian country.   The website has sections in Japanese, German, Italian and even Russian.   Last visited in April of 2008.


Japan National Travel Organization The official Japanese tourism website.
SushiCam A witty blog of life in Japan written by an American guy who has lived there since 2000.   It has interesting articles each covering a different topic or place, and often accompanied by good photographs.   Last visited in June of 2010.
Japan's War Heroes have their Shrine Geraldine Sherman wrote this article for the Canadian "Globe and Mail" newspaper.   It recounts a visit she made to the Yasukuni-jinja shrine and its attached Yushukan museum, both of which are devoted to all the Japanese who died in foreign wars since 1867.   This is an extraordinarily controversial place, inside and outside Japan, and the article gives good, basic coverage of the issues involved.
Engrish Pages and pages of funny uses of the English language in Japan and elsewhere, grouped by category.
Bullet train timetable The official timetable for the Shinkansen, known in the West as the "bullet train".
Todai-ji temple The official website of Todai-ji temple in Nara is all in Japanese, but you can still enjoy the photographs of the temple treasures.


Khoo Kongsi online The official website of the Khoo clan association whose most precious legacy is Khoo Kongsi, the Dragon Mountain Hall, a must-see for anyone visiting the island of Penang.   Last visited in December of 2008.

New Zealand

New Zealand Herald New Zealand's largest circulation newspaper, based in Auckland.   Includes a weather section.   Last visited in December of 2008.
RotoruaNZ This is the official website for the city of Rotorua, a very good place to learn about local attractions.
Wai-O-Tapu Thermal Wonderland This award winning website gives information about one of the geothermal tourist attractions in Rotorua which I was foolish enough not to visit.   Maybe next time!
Polynesian Spa The Polynesian Spa in downtown Rotorua has 35 individual hot pools to soak away the sore muscles of a day's hard touristing.
Skyline Rides Website for an aerial gondola company based in Rotorua, which also has attractions such as a steel luge.
Christchurch Art Gallery The Christchurch Art Gallery has a good website discussing some of the art works in their collection, as well as public art scattered around the city, such as fountains and statues.
Red Boat Milford Sound Cruises Red Boat Cruises operates boat trips on Milford Sound, in New Zealand's fiordland region.   The website has a Milford Sound map and information about the sights you'll see there, as well as schedules and prices for the cruises.


Russian embassy in the USA The embassy contains all of the stuff you'd expect, including a page where you can download a visa application.   Last visited in July of 2006.

Solomon Islands

Taucher.Net How's your German?   After seven wasted years of study, mine's not too bad, so I was able to glean quite a bit from this German language website devoted to wreck diving, which has a section on the Solomon Islands.
United States LST Association The United States LST Association is dedicated to the preservation of artifacts related to the LST or "landing ship, tank".   They even have an operating example of an American World War Two LST.

Trinidad and Tobago

Emperor Valley Zoo The official website of the Emperor Valley zoo in Port of Spain, the capital of Trinidad and Tobago.
additional links Check out additional links to Trinidad and Tobago websites about insects.

United Kingdom

London tourist board The official website for London tourism.
Tower Bridge The official website of Tower Bridge.
Natural History Museum The official website of the Natural History Museum.
Museum of Science and Industry The official website of the Museum of Science and Industry, which has a relatively small but very worthwhile collection of historic military aircraft, including a Supermarine Spitfire in its original floatplane incarnation, the Gloster Pioneer the first Allied jet aircraft, a German Me163 Komett rocket propelled fighter and a German V1 Doodlebug cruise missile.


Wikipedia: Cuc Phuong national park Wikipedia has a very good article on Cuc Phuong national park, describing the geography, geology and species which can be found within the park.   Last visited in April of 2009.
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