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Australia   (wallpaper, photo galleries)

Cairns wallpaper
Atherton Tablelands
Millaa Millaa Falls wallpaper
Cape Tribulation
rainforest wallpaper
Great Barrier Reef wallpaper
Hyde Park
ANZAC memorial wallpaper
statue of Theseus killing the minotaur wallpaper
Luna Park wallpaper
monorail wallpaper
Queen Victoria Building wallpaper
Sydney's Harbour wallpaper
Bondi beach wallpaper
harbour bridge wallpaper
harbour ferries wallpaper
Manly beach wallpaper
opera house wallpaper
Port Jackson wallpaper
Blue Mountains
Katoomba Skyway wallpaper
Three Sisters wallpaper
Townsville and Magnetic Island wallpaper, photo galleries
trip out to the Barrier Reef photo galleries
Australia and its People photo galleries
birds photo galleries
marsupials photo galleries
underwater photo galleries
some fish you might not want to meet
surgeonfish, angelfish and butterflyfish
fish you might see in an aquarium
giant clams
other interesting fish

Belize   (wallpaper, photo galleries)

2009 Trip
Highlights of Belize
San Pedro wallpaper
Crooked Tree wallpaper
Xunantunich wallpaper
Bocawina Falls wallpaper
Placencia wallpaper
Cockscomb jaguar reserve wallpaper
Monkey River wallpaper
Nim Li Punit wallpaper
Rio Blanco wallpaper
Wildlife of Belize (2009) photo gallery
iridescent skipper butterfly
dragonfly undergoing metamorphosis
firefly wallpaper
beetle taking off
leafcutter ants wallpaper
mother scorpion with babies wallpaper
kissing bug
common pauraque with chicks
great kiskadee
proboscis bats
Guatemalan black howler monkey
Virginia possum
marine toad wallpaper
unknown salamander #1 wallpaper
unknown salamander #2 wallpaper
Central American whiptail lizard
green iguana
fer-de-lance wallpaper
Mexican vine snake wallpaper
parrot snake wallpaper
hawksbill turtle wallpaper
loggerhead turtle wallpaper
flamingo tongue wallpaper
Atlantic trumpetfish wallpaper
sharksuckers wallpaper
spotted eagle ray
1999 Trip
Belize and its People photo galleries
Birds photo galleries
Jungle Birds of Belize and Guatemala
Water Birds of Belize and Guatemala
Reptiles photo galleries
Bugs of Belize and Guatemala photo galleries
Underwater photo galleries
Fish You Might not Want to Meet
Sport Fish
Triggerfish, Angelfish and Butterflyfish
Other Interesting Fish
Underwater Still Lifes
Aquarium Fish

Brunei   (wallpaper, photo gallery)

religious affairs building
constitutional history museum
arch commemorating the sultan's birthday
the sultan and his wives
Omar Ali Saifuddin mosque
Kampung Air and the Omar Ali Saifuddin mosque wallpaper
Kampung Air and Istana Nurul Iman
Istana Nurul Iman
Waqif mosque wallpaper
oil rigs wallpaper
storm at sea
Gurkha bagpipe band
pitcher plant
Seria and the jungle
Belait River

Cambodia   (wallpaper, photo galleries)

Siem Reap province
Angkor Wat from the air wallpaper
Kbal Spean yoni and lingas
Kbal Spean waterfall
rice workers and sugar palm
Ta Prohm temple  "Tomb Raider" tree wallpaper
Bayon temple "The Khmer King is Mortally Wounded During Battle" relief wallpaper
Banteay Meanchey province
Angkor era bridge at Ang Trapeng Thmor wallpaper
boatman at Ang Trapeng Thmor wallpaper
Kompong Cham province
Mekong river at Kompong Cham wallpaper
Kratie province
Mekong river at Kratie
Mondulkiri province
the road to Sen Monorom
Sen Monorom
Monorom waterfall
traditional house of the Pnong minority wallpaper
Bousra waterfall wallpaper
Kandal province
wat near lake
wat with serpent
Buddhist temple at sunset wallpaper
shrimp boats wallpaper
Phnom Penh
Wat Phnom
royal palace wallpaper
Tuol Sleng (S-21 prison)
Choeung Ek killing field wallpaper
slum with morning glory
Koh Kong province
Kirirom national park sunset wallpaper
Chheang Peal Rong waterfall
Churning of the Sea of Milk statue
Peam Krasaop wildlife sanctuary mangrove forest
Kampot province
Ream wallpaper
Phnom Chhnork wallpaper
Wildlife of Cambodia
Bugs of Cambodia
pitcher plant wallpaper
water lilies wallpaper


Costa Rica   (wallpaper)

Manzanillo wallpaper
La Fortuna waterfall wallpaper
Monteverde cloud forest wallpaper
Zarcero church with topiary wallpaper

Czech Republic   (wallpaper)

Highlights of the Czech Republic
skyline from Prague castle wallpaper
Vltava River wallpaper
Charles Bridge wallpaper
Old Town Square
town hall wallpaper
astronomical clock wallpaper
Jan Hus statue wallpaper
Prague castle
outside wallpaper
St Vitus cathedral
inside wallpaper
outside wallpaper
statue wallpaper
gargoyle wallpaper
Schwarzenberg palace wallpaper
Petrin tower
Estates Theater
Kbely aviation museum
Karlstejn castle wallpaper
Kutna Hora
Cathedral of St Barbara
outside wallpaper
organ wallpaper
"Vision of St Ignatius" mural wallpaper
plague column
marble house wallpaper
Sedlec ossuary wallpaper
trinity statue wallpaper
Telc wallpaper
Valtice chateau
Mushrooms and Toadstools of the Czech Republic
Wildlife of the Czech Republic
Czech International Air Fair 2006

Egypt   (wallpaper, photo galleries)

Timeline of Egyptian History
Egyptian museum photo galleries
Pharoah Akhenaten wallpaper
Pharoah Amenemope wallpaper
Pharoah Tutankhamun
Death Mask and Coffins wallpaper
furniture wallpaper
Islamic Cairo wallpaper
Al Ghouri wallpaper
Mohammed Ali wallpaper
Giza pyramids wallpaper
Step Pyramid of Zoser wallpaper
The Pyramids wallpaper
The Bent Pyramid wallpaper
Sinai Peninsula
Dahab wallpaper
Ras Mohammed wallpaper
scenery wallpaper
Luxor temple
avenue of the sphinxes wallpaper
Karnak temple
Great Hypostyle Hall wallpaper
Valley of the Queens
temple of Hatshepsut wallpaper
Around and About
feluccas on the Nile wallpaper
Coptic church wallpaper
Nubian architecture wallpaper
Temple of Philae wallpaper
Abu Simbel
temple of Ramses II wallpaper

Fiji   (wallpaper, photo galleries)

Highlights of Fiji
Mamanuca Islands
Bouma National Heritage Park wallpaper
Vanua Levu
from the air wallpaper
Savusavu wallpaper
Yasawa islands
Waiyalailai wallpaper
Little Waiyalailai wallpaper

Guatemala   (wallpaper, photo galleries)

2009 Trip
The Maya City of Tikal
Temple of the Great Jaguar wallpaper
Temple of the Masks (aka Temple of the Moon) wallpaper
North Acropolis wallpaper
Temple V wallpaper
altar V wallpaper
stela XVI wallpaper
1999 Trip
Guatemala and its People photo galleries
The Maya City of Tikal photo galleries
Jungle Mammals photo galleries
Birds photo galleries
Jungle Birds
Water Birds
Reptiles photo galleries
Insects photo galleries

Indonesia   (wallpaper)

Ubud monkey forest wallpaper
Goa Gajah wallpaper
Maduwe Karang wallpaper
Sangsit pura dalem wallpaper
Jagaraja pura dalem
rice terraces at Triwangsakeliki wallpaper
Gitgit waterfall
Danau Buyan  (Lake Buyan) wallpaper
Gunung Batur  (Mount Batur) wallpaper
Gunung Agung, Gunung Abang and Gunung Batur wallpaper
Gunung Merapi from north-west Bali wallpaper
Yogyakarta kraton dancers wallpaper
Borobudur wallpaper
Prambanan wallpaper
Gunung Merapi (Mount Merapi) wallpaper
Gunung Bromo (Mount Bromo) wallpaper
Gunung Semeru (Mount Semeru) wallpaper
Kawah Ijen wallpaper
Kawah Ijen sulfur porter wallpaper
Alas Purwo national park
rice paddies at Makassar
Manado Tua and Pulau Bunaken wallpaper
Lembeh Strait
long-nosed whip snake wallpaper
bearded ghoul wallpaper
palace retainer at Yogyakarta royal kraton wallpaper
Cold-Blooded Animals of Indonesia
Bugs of Indonesia
Underwater Wildlife of Lembeh Strait
long-tailed macaque wallpaper

Japan   (wallpaper)

Tokyo Imperial Palace wallpaper
shinto shrine wallpaper
Yushukan War Museum
Kyoto photo galleries
Chion-in temple
main building
auxiliary buildings and statues
temple grounds wallpaper
The Golden Pavilion wallpaper
Nara photo galleries
Nara-koen park
Kofuku-ji temple
Todai-ji temple
Hall of the Great Buddha wallpaper
Great Buddha statue wallpaper
other items in the Hall of the Great Buddha
Himeji photo galleries
Himeji castle exterior wallpaper
Hiroshima photo galleries
Atomic Bomb Dome wallpaper
Atomic Bomb Museum
damage to the city
artifacts damaged by the bomb
historical explanations of events leading up to the bombing
miscellaneous topics photo galleries
English mistranslations and mis-spellings
signs which use English because it's fashionable, and do it badly
wildlife photo galleries
giant wood spiders wallpaper
Japanese tiger beetles

Malaysia  (wallpaper, photo galleries)

Highlights of the Malay Peninsula
Johor Bahru
medicine man
Sri Mariamman temple wallpaper
State Secretariat Building wallpaper
town square
Baba Nonya house wallpaper
Cheng Hoon Teng temple
Kuala Lumpur wallpaper
Masjid Jamek, the "Friday Mosque" wallpaper
Merdeka Square
Sultan Abdul Samad building wallpaper
Kuala Lumpur tower wallpaper
Petronas towers wallpaper
Cameron Highlands
Iskandar waterfall
tea plantation wallpaper
colorful caterpillar
Queen Victoria memorial clock tower
Khoo clan meeting house wallpaper
Northern Malaysia
river and Karst formation wallpaper
East Coast
palm oil plantation
Kuala Besut wallpaper
Perhentian Islands turtle
Miscellaneous Places
Cherating wallpaper
green cascade frog
tokay gecko
flying gecko
forest crested lizard
unidentified skink wallpaper
boa constrictor wallpaper
mountain pit viper wallpaper
Malay red harlequin butterfly wallpaper
unidentified looper caterpillar
caterpillar of the lappet moth Kunugia divaricata
Tinolius eburneigutta caterpillar
swallowtail moth Lyssa macleayi
unidentified moth with snake markings
moth killed by fungus wallpaper
bioluminescent mushroom wallpaper
Duliticola hoiseni "trilobite beetle" larva
unidentified weevil
unidentified true bug
giant forest ant wallpaper
green tree snail
horned spider wallpaper
unidentified spider
unidentified spider
long-beaked coralfish
blue-ring angelfish wallpaper
zebra lionfish
reef lizardfishes
sea slug on small giant clam
green turtle with sharksuckers

Mexico   (wallpaper, photo galleries)

Mexico city wallpaper
Paseo de la Reforma wallpaper
Independence monument  ("The Angel") wallpaper
metropolitan cathedral wallpaper
Basilica de Guadalupe wallpaper
templo major
outside wallpaper
stone mask wallpaper
Totonac Voladores performer wallpaper
Central Mexico wallpaper
Teotihuacan wallpaper
Tepantitla Palace
The Paradise of Tlaloc wallpaper
Taxco wallpaper
Cholula wallpaper
Templo de Santo Toribio at Xicohtzingo wallpaper
battle mural wallpaper
corn god wallpaper
Popocatepetl wallpaper
Grutas de Cacahuamilpa  (Cacahuamilpa caves) wallpaper
Butterflies of Central Mexico photo gallery
Yucatan Peninsula wallpaper
Merida cathedral wallpaper
blue-crowned motmot
great kiskadee
lineated woodpecker
Dos Ojos cenote wallpaper
Sacred Blue Cenote wallpaper
ruins wallpaper
Chichen Itza
temple of Kukulcan (El Castillo) wallpaper
Great Ball Court
Platform of Eagles and Jaguars
Group of 1000 Columns
The Nunnery wallpaper
overview wallpaper
Pyramid of the Magician wallpaper
Quadrangle of the Birds
The Nunnery
nunnery frieze wallpaper
jaguar throne wallpaper
Ek Balam wallpaper
winged figures wallpaper
ruler's wife wallpaper
winged figure
Codz Poop wallpaper
Palace wallpaper
Arch and Mirador wallpaper
Water Birds of Rio Lagartos photo gallery

New Zealand   (wallpaper)

Cities  wallpaper
photo galleries
Devonport wallpaper
harbour wallpaper
harbour bridge wallpaper
Narrow Neck beach wallpaper
Rangitoto Island wallpaper
Sky Tower wallpaper
Around and About
scenery wallpaper
parliament buildings wallpaper
old government buildings wallpaper
cathedral wallpaper
Ferrier Fountain wallpaper
Edmond's Band Rotunda wallpaper
Lytellton timeball station wallpaper
punting on the Avon River wallpaper
estuary wallpaper
The North Island  wallpaper
photo galleries
Northland wallpaper
Bay of Islands
boat trip to the Hole in the Rock  wallpaper
Cape Reinga wallpaper
Hundertwasser public toilet, Kawakawa wallpaper
Paihia wallpaper
Whangarei Falls wallpaper
Whangaparoa Peninsula wallpaper
Tiritiri Matangi
Muriwai Beach wallpaper
Whakarewarewa village wallpaper
Whakarewarewa village meeting house panels wallpaper
Craters of the Moon geothermal area wallpaper
mud pools wallpaper
Government bath house wallpaper
Wairakei geothermal power station wallpaper
Castle Point wallpaper
Huka Falls wallpaper
The South Island  wallpaper
photo galleries
Marlborough Sounds wallpaper
Abel Tasman National Park wallpaper
Maruia Falls  wallpaper
Kaikoura  wallpaper
Arthur's Pass
Lake Pearson and Purple Hill wallpaper
Cave Stream wallpaper
Devil's Punchbowl wallpaper
Clutha River wallpaper
Kawarau bridge bungee jump wallpaper
Lake Wakatipu wallpaper
TSS Earnslaw on Lake Wakatipu wallpaper
Southern Alps wallpaper
Mt Cook wallpaper
Tasman glacier wallpaper
Te Anau to Milford Sound
Eglinton Valley wallpaper
Hollyford Valley wallpaper
Milford Sound
Bowen Falls wallpaper
Mitre Peak wallpaper
Sandfly Point wallpaper
Tutuko valley wallpaper
Tutuko river wallpaper
Miscellaneous Topics
common birds of the forest
rare birds on Tiritiri Matangi
Muriwai beach gannet colony wallpaper
Muriwai beach gannets

The Philippines  (wallpaper, photo galleries)

Balicasag Island wallpaper
Alona beach
Chocolate Hills wallpaper
Loboc river
air force museum
Atimonan mermaid wallpaper
"Fantasy World" resort wallpaper
Cagsawa church
Donsol wallpaper
Mt Pinatubo wallpaper
Manila wallpaper
Mt Mayon wallpaper
Nudibranchs and their Friends

Russia   (wallpaper)

Moscow wallpaper
Cathedral of Christ the Saviour wallpaper
Church of the Trinity in Nikitniki
Epiphany Cathedral
Kotelnicheskaya apartment building
The Kremlin wallpaper
Assumption Cathedral
Ivan the Great Bell Tower wallpaper
Poteshny Palace wallpaper
Tsar Cannon wallpaper
Kitai Gorod wallpaper
Lenin Library
Marshal Zhukov statue
Moscow International Concert Hall wallpaper
Novodevichy convent wallpaper
Novodevichy cemetery
Premier Nikita Khruschev's tomb wallpaper
Prokhorov chapel
Smolensk cathedral wallpaper
Transfiguration Gate Church
Red Square wallpaper
GUM department store wallpaper
Lenin's tomb wallpaper
Resurrection Gate
St Basil's Cathedral wallpaper
The Golden Ring wallpaper
Bogolyubovo wallpaper
Church of the Intercession on the Nerl wallpaper
monastery wallpaper
Pereslavl Zalessky
Nikolsky Women's monastery wallpaper
Rostov Veliky
the kremlin
across Lake Nero wallpaper
tower and outside wall wallpaper
Monastery of St Jacob wallpaper
Church of St Lazarus wallpaper
Church of St Nicholas wallpaper
Saviour monastery of St Euthymius wallpaper
Cathedral of St Dmitry relief wallpaper
Moscow River at Zhukovsky wallpaper
Gelendzhik wallpaper
MAKS Airshow 2005
Russian Air Force Museum at Monino
Gelendzhik Airshow (Gidroaviasalon) 2006
Bugs of Russia

Singapore  (wallpaper)

Stamford Raffles statue wallpaper
Raffles Hotel wallpaper
St Andrew's Cathedral wallpaper
Singapore cricket club wallpaper
a cricket game on the Padang wallpaper
"First Generation" statue wallpaper
downtown wallpaper
river skyline wallpaper
Merlion wallpaper
Singapore Flyer observation wheel wallpaper
Benjamin Sheares bridge wallpaper
Esplanade Theatres on the Bay wallpaper
tethered balloon wallpaper

The Solomon Islands   (wallpaper, photo galleries)

Red Beach  wallpaper
Ngella Islands
LST 342 wallpaper
Ghavutu  wallpaper

Thailand  (wallpaper)

Ao Phang Nga national park
Ko Phing Kan ("James Bond Island") wallpaper
Tham Lawt (Sea Cave)
motorcycle dodging an elephant wallpaper
ferry wallpaper
Wat Phra Mahatat
Wat Phra Si Sanphet
Wat Phra Ram
Wat Na Phra Meru
downtown from Thonburi wallpaper
Wat Arun
Grand Palace
Dusit Hall wallpaper
Prasat Phra Dhepbidorn (Royal Pantheon) wallpaper
Wat Pho wallpaper
Wat Saket wallpaper
Chiang Mai
Wat Sum Pow
Wat Bupparam wallpaper
Wat Tung Yu wallpaper
Kanchanaburi province
Erawan national park wallpaper
Bridge on the River Kwai wallpaper
Hellfire Pass wallpaper
Sai Yok Yai waterfall
Tham Daowadung (Cave of Heaven) wallpaper
Krabi province
Krabi river wallpaper
Ao Maya bay, Ko Phi Phi Leh
Pilah bay, Ko Phi Phi Leh wallpaper
Khao Phanom Bencha national park
Wat Phra That Lampang Luang
Wat Mahawan wallpaper
Phuket wallpaper
Wat Si Chum wallpaper
oriental dwarf kingfisher wallpaper
purple sapphire butterfly
jungle king butterfly wallpaper
Neurothemis fluctuans dragonfly
clearwing moth
moth puddling at night
unidentified tiger moth caterpillar
Tinolius eburneigutta moth caterpillar
sugar-cane longhorn beetle
blue-spotted tiger beetle
hover flies
unidentified termites
ant-mimic jumping spider Myrmarachne maxillosa wallpaper
spiny spider (Gasteracantha fornicata)
unidentified iridescent harvestman wallpaper
giant forest scorpion wallpaper
unidentified tailless whip scorpion wallpaper
millipede wallpaper
millipede wallpaper
unidentified bat
spotted litter frog wallpaper
flying gecko wallpaper
red-necked keelback snake wallpaper
yellow-lipped sea krait wallpaper
titan triggerfish
tassled scorpionfish wallpaper
white-collar butterflyfish
Glossodoris atromarginata nudibranch
Durban hinge beak shrimps wallpaper
Underwater Highlights photo galleries
Blyth's giant frog wallpaper
river toad wallpaper
unidentified bat wallpaper

Trinidad and Tobago   (wallpaper)

Trinidad and Tobago photo galleries
funny signs
Trinidad photo galleries
Pitch Lake wallpaper
Caroni Swamp scarlet ibises
Tobago photo galleries
inland sights

Turkey  (wallpaper)

Aya Sofya  (also known as "Hagia Sophia" or the "Church of the Divine Wisdom") wallpaper
The Blue Mosque  wallpaper
Mosque of Suleyman the Magnificent  (also known as "Suleymaniye camii")  wallpaper
Galata Tower  wallpaper
The Bosporus
Anadolu Kavagi wallpaper
The Fortress of Europe and the Fatih Bridge wallpaper
oil tankers wallpaper
fishermen wallpaper

United Kingdom

London photo galleries, wallpaper
British Museum wallpaper
Buckingham Palace wallpaper
Houses of Parliament wallpaper
London Eye wallpaper
Roman wall wallpaper
St Paul's Cathedral wallpaper
Tower Bridge
Tower of London wallpaper
city hall
Other Sights
government buildings across St James' Park Lake wallpaper
Hyde Park wallpaper
Tate Modern art gallery wallpaper
Trafalgar Square wallpaper
Tower Bridge wallpaper
King's College wallpaper
St John's College wallpaper
Corpus Christi College wallpaper
punting on the River Cam wallpaper
The Round Church  wallpaper

Vanuatu  (wallpaper)

Havannah Harbour wallpaper
Port Vila wallpaper
Tanna photo galleries
yam dance wallpaper

Vietnam   (wallpaper, photo galleries)

Highlights of Vietnam
Hanoi wallpaper
Tomb of Ho Chi Minh wallpaper
Tran Quoc pagoda wallpaper
Temple of Literature wallpaper
unusual loads on motorbikes wallpaper
boatmen wrestling on the Red River wallpaper
Around Hanoi
Halong Bay wallpaper
fishing boat and cave wallpaper
Cat Ba island wallpaper
tourist junks wallpaper
Surprise Cave wallpaper
sunset wallpaper
Perfume Pagoda wallpaper
starting point wallpaper
woman with ducks wallpaper
Tam Coc wallpaper
bridge wallpaper
cycling villagers wallpaper
Cuc Phuong
Hue wallpaper
Imperial City
Ngo Mong gate wallpaper
secondary gate wallpaper
gate ornamentation wallpaper
rain pipe ornamentation wallpaper
Tu Hieu pagoda wallpaper
Tomb of Emperor Minh Mang wallpaper
roof ornamentation wallpaper
statues wallpaper
Tomb of Emperor Tu Duc wallpaper
Xung Khiem pavilion wallpaper
Hoi An wallpaper
Around Nha Trang
fisherman in coracle wallpaper
Po Klaung Garai Cham towers wallpaper
the road to Dalat wallpaper
Cat Tien national park
Bugs of Vietnam
Butterflies of Vietnam
Spiders of Vietnam
Military Aircraft
the Air Force Museum in Hanoi
captured American-designed aircraft
Russian-designed helicopters
Vietnamese Air Force in Action