Highlights of Egypt Photo Gallery

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Highlights of Egypt

Egyptian museum
death mask
Tutankhamun's coffin
Tutankhamun's chair
Akhenaten and family
the dwarf Seneb
and his family
pyramids of Giza
step pyramid of Zoser
bent pyramid
mosque of
Mohammed Ali
SA-2 missile
whirling dervishes
Islamic Cairo
avenue of the sphinxes
Luxor temple
Great Hypostyle Hall
at Karnak
Hatshepsut temple
Valley of the Queens
temple of Ramses II
at Abu Simbel
temple of Hathor
at Abu Simbel
Ramses II
trampling his enemies
Ras Mohammed park
Sinai peninsula
Sinai peninsula
bedouin boy
picasso triggerfish
Red Sea
raccoon butterflyfishes