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Indonesia Underwater Photo Galleries

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Underwater Highlights of Lembeh Strait

striped frogfish
unidentified frogfish
dragon sea moth
thornback cowfish
thorny sea horse
ornate ghost pipefishes
halimeda pipefishes
longsnout flathead
oriental gurnard
whitemargin stargazer
paddle-flap scorpionfish
lacey scorpionfish
leaf scorpionfish
spiny devilfish
short-fin lionfish
minor moray eel
black-finned snake eel
ribbon eel
Banggai cardinalfish
red-barred shrimp gobies
emperor shrimp on
lion's paw sea cucumber
spotted porcelain crab
red-spotted box crab
white-spotted hermit crab
blue-spotted urchin
Mexichromis multituberculata
laying eggs
ivory cone snail
electric clam
unidentified cuttlefish
www.richard-seaman.com / Underwater / Indonesia / Photo Galleries