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Underwater Animals Listed by Country Underwater Animals Listed by Common Name
Australia   (2003 and 1996) Fish
Belize   (2009 and 1999) Invertebrates
Egypt   (2004) Misc
Fiji   (2003)
Indonesia (2008 and 2007) Underwater Animals Listed by Family
Japan   (2000) Fish
Malaysia   (2008) Invertebrates
Mexico  (2009) Misc
New Zealand
Philippines   (2006) Underwater Animals Listed by Scientific Name
Solomon Islands   (1997) Fish
Thailand   (2007) Invertebrates
Trinidad and Tobago   (2000) Misc
United States of America


Great Barrier Reef
Cairns,  January 2003
blue-spotted stingray wallpaper
black-backed  wallpaper
Pacific double-saddle wallpaper
Rainford's  wallpaper
teardrop  wallpaper
vagabond  wallpaper
circular batfish wallpaper
green turtle wallpaper
many-lined sweetlips wallpaper
many-spotted sweetlips wallpaper
pennant bannerfish wallpaper
sea cucumbers
prickly red sea cucumber wallpaper
sea stars (star fishes)
Indian brittle starfish (a.k.a. Indian sea star) wallpaper
starry pufferfish wallpaper
white-tipped reef shark wallpaper
Napoleon  wallpaper
moon  wallpaper
barred thicklip (intermediate phase) wallpaper
Townsville,  August 1996 photo galleries
giant clams wallpaper
surgeonfish, angelfish and butterflyfish

Belize   (photo galleries)

2009 trip
Underwater Highlights of Belize photo gallery
royal gramma
juvenile spotted drum
shy hamlet
indigo hamlet
harlequin bass
four-eye butterflyfish
spotfin butterflyfish
juvenile French angelfish
grey angelfish
queen triggerfish
blue-headed wrasse
yellow-headed wrasse (terminal phase)
yellow-headed wrasse (initial phase)
Spanish hogfish
longspine squirrelfish
stoplight parrotfish (initial phase)
stoplight parrotfish (terminal phase)
redband parrotfish (initial phase)
redband parrotfish (terminal phase)
white grunt
dog snapper
black grouper
horse-eye jacks
nurse shark
green moray eel
spotted moray eel
green turtle
Wildlife of Belize (2009) photo gallery
hawksbill turtle wallpaper
loggerhead turtle wallpaper
flamingo tongue
Atlantic trumpetfish wallpaper
sharksuckers on a nurse shark wallpaper
spotted eagle ray
juvenile French angelfish wallpaper
four-eyed butterflyfish wallpaper
queen triggerfish wallpaper
1999 trip
Aquarium Fish
Triggerfish, Angelfish and Butterflyfish
Sport Fish
Horse-Eye Jack
Black Grouper
Fish You Might Not Want To Meet
Other Interesting Fish
Still Lifes

Egypt   (photo galleries)

Arabian surgeonfish wallpaper
bluespine unicornfish wallpaper
blue-spotted cornetfish wallpaper
broomtail wrasse wallpaper
checkerboard wrasse wallpaper
common lionfish wallpaper
emperor angelfish wallpaper
Forster's hawkfish wallpaper
giant pufferfish wallpaper
lyretail grouper wallpaper
peacock grouper wallpaper
picasso triggerfish wallpaper
Red Sea anemonefish wallpaper
Red Sea bannerfish wallpaper
Red Sea garden eels wallpaper
royal angelfish wallpaper
snowflake moray eel
symbiotic fish and jellyfish wallpaper
masked wallpaper
red-backed wallpaper
Red Sea melon wallpaper
Red Sea raccoon wallpaper
brain coral wallpaper
spotted snake eel wallpaper


crown of thorns starfish wallpaper
Graeffe's sea cucumber wallpaper
staghorn coral and green chromis wallpaper



Lembeh Strait
striped frogfish wallpaper
unidentified frogfish
dragon sea moth
thornback cowfish wallpaper
thorny seahorse wallpaper
ornate ghost pipefish wallpaper
halimeda ghost pipefish
longsnout flathead
oriental flying gurnard wallpaper
white-margin stargazer wallpaper
paddle-flap scorpionfish wallpaper
lacey scorpionfish wallpaper
leaf scorpionfish
spiny devilfish  (bearded ghoul)
shortfin lionfish  (dwarf lionfish)
minor moray eel  (lesser moray eel)
black-finned snake eel wallpaper
ribbon eel
Banggai cardinalfish
red-barred shrimp gobies
emperor shrimp on lion's paw sea cucumber wallpaper
spotted porcelain crab wallpaper
red-spotted box crab
white-spotted hermit crab
blue-spotted sea urchin wallpaper
Mexichromis multituberculata sea slug laying eggs wallpaper
ivory cone shell
electric clam
unidentified cuttlefish
wonderpus wallpaper
Nudibranchs (sea slugs)
girdled glossodoris wallpaper
Halgerda batangas wallpaper
Gymnodoris rubropapillosa wallpaper
purple-edged ceratosoma wallpaper
Mexichromis multituberculata laying eggs wallpaper
anemone wallpaper
bearded ghoul  (spiny devilfish) wallpaper
big fin reef squid wallpaper
black-blotched porcupinefish wallpaper
Chloeia sp. fire worm wallpaper
coconut octopus wallpaper
dragon sea moth wallpaper
flower urchin wallpaper
granulated sea star wallpaper
magnificent feather duster worm wallpaper
orange cup corals wallpaper
tapering cowrie wallpaper
broadclub cuttlefish wallpaper
spinecheek anemonefish wallpaper


Ijima turtle-headed sea snake wallpaper


Wildlife of Malaysia photo galleries
long-beaked coralfish
blue-ring angelfish wallpaper
zebra lionfish
reef lizardfishes
sea slug on a small giant clam
green turtle with two sharksuckers
dragonfish sea cucumber wallpaper
pygmy snake sea cucumbers wallpaper


French angelfish wallpaper
queen angelfish wallpaper
rock beauty wallpaper
splendid toadfish wallpaper
Caribbean reef octopus wallpaper
Caribbean reef squid wallpaper

New Zealand   (photo galleries)

Krill in Marlborough Sounds wallpaper

Philippine Islands   (photo galleries)

humpback batfishes
shorthand shrimp wallpaper
sexy shrimp and harlequin crab wallpaper
royal angelfish
striped eel catfish
bluefin trevally
titan triggerfish wallpaper
scorpionfish wallpaper
spotfin lionfish
fimbriated moray eel wallpaper
ribbon eel
long nose butterflyfish
yellow-tailed coris wallpaper
cheeklined wrasse wallpaper
coral hind wallpaper
coral hawkfish
clown anemonefishes wallpaper
pink anemonefishes wallpaper
cuttlefish wallpaper
many-spotted sweetlips
sleeping bullethead parrotfish
banded pipefish
warty frogfishes
Chromodoris coi nudibranch
whale shark wallpaper
Nudibranchs and Their Friends
Nembrotha cristata
Chromodoris magnifica wallpaper
Chromodoris annae
Chromodoris coi wallpaper
Chromodoris willani wallpaper
Nembrotha chamberlaini wallpaper
Chromodoris lochi wallpaper
Phyllidia varicosa
Phyllidiella cf. annulata
Phyllidiella pustulosa
Phyllidia ocellata
Philinopsis pilsbryi
Hypselodoris purpureomaculosa wallpaper
Glossodoris averni
Thecacera picta wallpaper
Dolabella auricularia
Pseudoceros sp. flatworm
Chloeia fusca bristleworm
humpback prawn wallpaper
checkerboard wrasse wallpaper
Clark's anemonefish wallpaper
long-snout flathead (dwarf crocodilefish) wallpaper
spotted wrasse wallpaper

Solomon Islands   (photo galleries)

tube worms wallpaper
chocolate chip starfish wallpaper


white-collar butterflyfish
singular bannerfish wallpaper
powder blue surgeonfish
juvenile yellow boxfish
juvenile yellow-tail coris
goby on coral
reef lizardfish on coral
Bloch's bigeye
speckled sandperch
black-spotted puffer
black-blotched porcupinefish
spot-fin porcupinefish with sharksucker
lionfish wallpaper
common lionfish (black phase)
tassled scorpionfish wallpaper
titan triggerfish
blue-spotted stingray
giant moray eel with clear cleaner shrimp wallpaper
banded sea snake wallpaper
banded boxer shrimp
Durban hingebeak shrimps wallpaper
anemone porcelain crab
Linckia multifora sea star
crown of thorns sea star
Comanthina nobilis feather star
unidentified cuttlefish wallpaper
beautiful risbecia sea slug
red-margined glossodoris sea slug
black-margined glossodoris sea slug
yellow-spotted polyclad flatworm wallpaper
bubble coral wallpaper
double star coral wallpaper
pincushion sea star wallpaper
greenfish sea cucumber wallpaper
pink sea cucumber wallpaper

Trinidad and Tobago

flamingo tongues wallpaper

United States of America

freshwater crayfish wallpaper
Hawaii photo galleries
ornate butterflyfish wallpaper
saddleback butterflyfish wallpaper
threadfin butterflyfish wallpaper
turtles wallpaper

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