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Vietnamese Bug Photo Galleries

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Bugs of Vietnam

unidentified grasshopper jeweled flower mantis unidentified
dead-stick mimic mantis
unidentified mantis
eating assassin bug
unidentified ant
carpenter bee
male dawn dropwing
grass moth
Ischnurges gratiosalis
unidentified tiger moth
unidentified moth unidentified plume moths sphinx moth
Psilogramma increta
sphinx moth caterpillar
painted pine moth
unidentified caterpillar unidentified chrysalis longhorn beetle
Macrochenus isabellinus
unidentified firefly female Duliticola sp.
net-winged beetle larva
unidentified weevil unidentified weevil jewel bug
Calliphara nobilis
citron bug unidentified
planthopper nymph
unidentified plant bug black-tipped leafhopper red leafhopper unidentified whip scorpion unidentified harvestman

Butterflies of Vietnam

red base Jezebel chocolate grass yellow puddling butterflies common five ring common palmfly
common pierrot common imperial white dragontail purple sapphire glassy tiger
glassy tiger common tiger common jester knight grey count
common glider orange staff sergeant gaudy baron peacock pansy grey pansy
fulvous pied flat unidentified butterfly punchinello common cruiser red lacewing

Spiders of Vietnam

ant mimic spider
unidentified spider two-striped
jumping spider
banded phintella
jumping spider
lynx spider
lynx spider
unidentified lynx spider
with bee
unidentified spider unidentified
spiny orb weaver
two-tailed spider
unidentified spider unidentified wolf spider
with egg sac
pale spitting spider
with egg sac
unidentified spider
with eggs
funnel web spider
funnel web spider
football spider
Neosparassus patellatus
giant wood spider Thailand black tarantula

www.richard-seaman.com / Bugs / Vietnam / Photo Galleries