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Bugs Listed by Country
Australia Guatemala Philippine Islands Vietnam
Belize Indonesia Russia
Cambodia Japan Thailand
Costa Rica Malaysia Trinidad and Tobago
Czech Republic Mexico United Kingdom
Fiji New Zealand United States of America
Bugs Listed by Name
Bug Photo Galleries
Bug Wallpaper


queen green ant (aka weaver ant)  wallpaper
spider ant  wallpaper
black Jezebel butterfly wallpaper
damselfly wallpaper
clown spider wallpaper
clearwing moths wallpaper
spiny-legged rainforest katydid wallpaper
stick insects wallpaper


Bugs of Belize (2009) photo gallery
unidentified weevil #1
unidentified weevil #2
beetle taking off
firefly wallpaper
bioluminescent click beetle
darkling beetle
two-banded satyr butterfly
firetip skipper butterfly
iridescent skipper butterfly
geometrid moth
jumping spider eating caterpillar
fishing spider
wolf spider with eggs
Mexican redrump tarantula
scorpion with babies wallpaper
tail-less whip scorpion
peppered roach
roosting flies
kissing bug
emerging cicada
emerging dragonfly
giant red-winged grasshopper
grasshopper with red, yellow and black markings
horse lubber grasshopper
mating stick insects
mantis wallpaper
leafcutter ant worker wallpaper
leafcutter ant soldier and worker wallpaper
Wildlife of Belize (2009) photo gallery
iridescent skipper butterfly
dragonfly undergoing metamorphosis
firefly wallpaper
beetle taking off
leafcutter ants wallpaper
mother scorpion with babies wallpaper
kissing bug

Cambodia   (photo galleries)

Bugs of Cambodia photo gallery
lantern bug Pyrops candelaria wallpaper
unidentified green and orange lantern bug
"common rose" swallowtail butterfly wallpaper
male leopard lacewing butterfly
female leopard lacewing butterfly
leopard lacewing caterpillar
unidentified prominent moth caterpillar
Peridrome orbicularis owlet moth wallpaper
geometrid emerald moth Agathia carissima wallpaper
Brenthia moth
Erebus macrops owlet moth eye spot
Euchromia elegantissima wasp moth wallpaper
lynx spider eating Euchromia elegantissima wasp moth
unidentified nursery spider with eggs
female and male giant wood spiders wallpaper
unidentified tarantula wallpaper
unidentified Portia spider wallpaper
unidentified spider eating cockroach
ant-like crab spider wallpaper
weaver ants capturing a millipede
weaver ants farming true bugs
"dawn dropwing" dragonfly
unidentified metallic green damselfly wallpaper
unidentified damselfly eating true bug
unidentified antlion lacewing
unidentified mantis wallpaper
unidentified bush cricket wallpaper
northern spotted grasshopper
unidentified weevil
Wildlife of Cambodia photo gallery
peacock pansy butterfly
male archduke butterfly
unidentified butterfly
male dark glassy tiger butterfly
Anagnia sp. owlet moth
Dysphania militaris inchworm
Calliteara horsefieldii tussock moth caterpillar
unidentified dragonfly with copper wings wallpaper
unidentified striped dragonfly
orange-tailed marsh dart damselfly
unidentified green, blue and orange damselfly #2
shiny jumping spider (Cosmophasis umbratica)
unidentified lynx spider with egg sac wallpaper
unidentified beetle and stink bug nymph
unidentified bush cricket
unidentified bird dropping mimic assassin bug
Erebus macrops owlet moth wallpaper
silverline butterfly wallpaper
"fulvous pied flat" skipper butterfly wallpaper
"large snow flat" skipper butterfly wallpaper
unidentified "dart" skipper butterfly wallpaper

Costa Rica   (photo galleries)

bullet ant wallpaper
leafcutter ants
soldier wallpaper
worker carrying a leaf wallpaper
gold form of Chrysina boucardi wallpaper
blue morpho wallpaper
banded peacock wallpaper
cloud forest monarch wallpaper
Marpesia berania wallpaper
Marpesia iole wallpaper
small postman wallpaper
white peacock wallpaper
unidentified skipper wallpaper
dead leaf mimic katydid wallpaper
lichen mimic bush cricket wallpaper
mantis wallpaper
scorpion (Centruroides bicolor or Centruroides margaritatus) wallpaper
scorpion with babies wallpaper
tail-less whip scorpion wallpaper
arrow-shaped micrathena wallpaper
golden orb weaver wallpaper
orchard spider wallpaper
silver argiope wallpaper
unidentified jumping spider wallpaper
wolf spider wallpaper

Czech Republic

Wildlife of the Czech Republic
red and black striped shield bug wallpaper
Burgundy snail or Roman snail wallpaper
Dor beetle (Geotrupes stercorarius)
unidentified spider

Fiji   (photo galleries)

Highlights of Fiji
blue moon butterfly wallpaper
geometrid caterpillar (looper or inchworm) wallpaper
Paracupta sulcata jewel beetle wallpaper
robber fly wallpaper
stick insect wallpaper
Dragonflies and Damselflies of Fiji photo galleries
red swampdragon wallpaper
red percher (aka common percher or wandering percher) wallpaper
green skimmer wallpaper
Nesobasis comosa wallpaper
Nesobasis erythrops wallpaper
Nesobasis erythrops mating
argiope spider wallpaper
huntsman wallpaper
Theretra pinastrina intersecta sphinx moth wallpaper
Convolvulus sphinx moth caterpillar wallpaper


Bugs of Guatemala  (2009)
Mexican redrump tarantula wallpaper
unidentified crab spider wallpaper
Bugs of Guatemala  (1999) photo galleries


Bugs of Indonesia
unidentified ant carrying a feather wallpaper
Atlas beetle wallpaper
blue-spotted tiger beetle wallpaper
coconut palm beetle wallpaper
unidentified tortoise beetles mating wallpaper
unidentified weevils mating wallpaper
unidentified Cixiid bug wallpaper
unidentified Dictyopharid bug wallpaper
Scamandra tethis lantern bug wallpaper
unidentified Tessaratomid nymph wallpaper
unidentified treehopper wallpaper
Northern argus butterfly
Rhinocypha fenestrata cornelii damselfly wallpaper
Neurothemis terminata dragonfly
unidentified grasshopper wallpaper
unidentified conehead grasshopper wallpaper
unidentified shovel-headed worm
unidentified mantis wallpaper
unidentified millipede
male Corymica arnearia geometrid moth wallpaper
unidentified male moth wallpaper
unidentified moth
unidentified plume moth wallpaper
male Oxyopes superbus lynx spider wallpaper
unidentified female lynx spider wallpaper
unidentified jumping spider eating a butterfly
unidentified jumping spider guarding eggs
giant wood spider wallpaper
Sulawesi black tarantula wallpaper
More Bugs of Indonesia
weaver ants wallpaper
winged ants wallpaper
unidentified sleeping bee wallpaper
blue triangle butterfly wallpaper
common birdwing butterfly wallpaper
Idea blanchardii butterfly wallpaper
orange gull butterfly wallpaper
unidentified hairstreak butterfly wallpaper
unidentified Jezebel butterfly wallpaper
owlet moth Paracrama latimargo wallpaper
yellow featherlegs damselfly wallpaper
unidentified tick wallpaper

Japan   (photo galleries)

insects and spiders
Japanese tiger beetle wallpaper
giant wood spider wallpaper


Wildlife of Malaysia photo galleries
Malay red harlequin butterfly wallpaper
looper caterpillar
Kunugia divaricata lappet moth caterpillar
Tinolius eburneigutta caterpillar
Lyssa zampa swallowtail moth
unidentified moth
moth consumed by fungus wallpaper
Duliticola hoiseni "trilobite beetle" larva wallpaper
Megaproctus exclamationis weevil wallpaper
Derbid bug
giant forest ant wallpaper
termites wallpaper
green tree snail wallpaper
horned spider wallpaper
unidentified spider with silver spots
huntsman spider Heteropoda davidbowie
cockroach eating a discarded katydid skin wallpaper
snail eating a mushroom wallpaper


golden tortoise beetle wallpaper
Butterflies of Central Mexico
West Coast Lady
black swallowtail
bordered patch
crimson patch
The Elf wallpaper
marina patch
Montezuma cattleheart wallpaper
unidentified skipper wallpaper
unidentified skipper wallpaper
common checkered skipper
two-tailed tiger swallowtail (female) wallpaper
two-tailed tiger swallowtail (male) wallpaper
white-tipped pixie wallpaper
unidentified centipede wallpaper
grasshoppers wallpaper
green lynx spider wallpaper
unidentified female with eggs wallpaper
treehopper wallpaper

New Zealand

tiger beetle Cicindela tuberculata wallpaper
Xanthocnemis zealandica wallpaper
Colaranea viriditas wallpaper
Colaranea verutum wallpaper
jumping spider Trite planiceps wallpaper

Philippine Islands

Wildlife of the Philippines
unidentified skipper butterfly caterpillar
unidentified moth
variable skimmer dragonfly
Agrionoptera insignis dragonfly
unidentified beetle
unidentified true bug wallpaper
unidentified true bug wallpaper
unidentified planthoppers
unidentified cricket
unidentified cricket
unidentified mantis
unidentified ant
unidentified ant eating caterpillar wallpaper
unidentified jumping spider
unidentified jumping spider eating true bug
unidentified lynx spider
unidentified argiope spider wallpaper
unidentified spider
unidentified orchard spider
unidentified millipede
unidentified millipede


Russian bugs
peacock butterfly wallpaper
comma butterfly
small tortoiseshell butterfly wallpaper
grey dagger moth caterpillar wallpaper
convolvulus sphinx moth caterpillar
unidentified wasp with caterpillar
unidentified wasp
22-spot ladybird beetle wallpaper
unidentified true bug
unidentified true bug eating a beetle wallpaper
unidentified shield bug and plant bug
unidentified shield bug
unidentified shield bug
unidentified dragonfly
migrant hawker dragonfly wallpaper
unidentified grasshopper
unidentified conehead grasshopper
unidentified cricket nymph
unidentified scorpion fly wallpaper
unidentified tachinid fly
unidentified spider
garden spider (Araneus diadematus) wallpaper


Wildlife of Thailand
purple sapphire butterfly wallpaper
Jungle King butterfly wallpaper
Neurothemis fluctuans dragonfly
unidentified damselfly wallpaper
unidentified clearwing moth
unidentified puddling moth
unidentified tiger moth caterpillar
Tinolius eburneigutta caterpillar
sugarcane longhorn beetle wallpaper
blue-spotted tiger beetle
unidentified hover flies mating in flight wallpaper
unidentified termites
unidentified ant mimic jumping spider wallpaper
Gasteracantha fornicata spiny spider wallpaper
unidentified iridescent harvestman wallpaper
giant forest scorpion wallpaper
unidentified tailless whip scorpion wallpaper
unidentified millipede #1 wallpaper
unidentified millipede #2 wallpaper
flies eating unidentified harvestman which is eating a cricket wallpaper
common redeye butterfly wallpaper
lemon pansy butterfly wallpaper
mormon butterfly wallpaper
punchinello butterfly wallpaper
straight pierrot butterflies wallpaper
unidentified "white" butterfly wallpaper
unidentified damselfly wallpaper
unidentified froghoppers wallpaper
unidentified scorpion wallpaper
unidentified centipede #1 wallpaper
unidentified centipede #2 wallpaper
unidentified millipede #3 wallpaper
multi-coloured St Andrew's cross spider wallpaper
unidentified stick insect wallpaper

Trinidad and Tobago

insects and spiders
butterflies photo galleries

United Kingdom

lime hawk moth caterpillar  wallpaper

United States of America

unidentified ant with aphids wallpaper
arachnids other than spiders
red velvet mite wallpaper
unidentified harvestman wallpaper
unidentified scorpion wallpaper
unidentified sun spider wallpaper
Coachella Valley Preserve
green metallic bee Agapostemon virescens wallpaper
desert blister beetle wallpaper
desert skunk beetle wallpaper
festive tiger beetle wallpaper
green immigrant leaf weevil wallpaper
locust borer wallpaper
red milkweed beetle wallpaper
six-spotted tiger beetle wallpaper
spotless nine-spotted ladybug wallpaper
spotted asparagus beetle wallpaper
blue death feigning beetle wallpaper
whirligig beetles wallpaper
true bugs
assassin bug Zelus luridus eating a fly wallpaper
common water strider wallpaper
jagged ambush bug wallpaper
large milkweed bug wallpaper
sharpshooter wallpaper
thread-legged assassin bug Emesaya brevipennis wallpaper
two-marked treehopper wallpaper
unidentified shield bug nymph eating a beetle wallpaper
Butterflies of Northern Illinois
American lady wallpaper
banded hairstreak wallpaper
buckeye wallpaper
comma wallpaper
great spangled fritillary wallpaper
monarch wallpaper
mourning cloak wallpaper
pearly crescentspot wallpaper
pink-edged sulphur wallpaper
red admiral wallpaper
satyr anglewing wallpaper
spicebush swallowtail wallpaper
viceroy wallpaper
Tahquitz Canyon
large white skippers wallpaper
marine blue butterfly wallpaper
painted lady chrysalis wallpaper
red-spotted purple wallpaper
caterpillars photo galleries
Caterpillars of Northern Illinois
brown-hooded owlet moth wallpaper
The Asteroid wallpaper
white-marked tussock moth wallpaper
yellow-based tussock moth wallpaper
banded tussock moth wallpaper
milkweed tussock moth wallpaper
unidentified caterpillar  
Virginia ctenucha wallpaper
woolly bear  (aka Isabella tiger moth) wallpaper
monarch butterfly
viceroy butterfly wallpaper
common buckeye butterfly wallpaper
red admiral butterfly wallpaper
eastern comma butterfly wallpaper
"question mark" butterfly wallpaper
great spangled fritillary butterfly wallpaper
eastern tent caterpillar wallpaper
Henry's marsh moth wallpaper
smartweed caterpillar  (aka smeared dagger moth) wallpaper
paddle caterpillar  (aka funerary dagger moth) wallpaper
black swallowtail wallpaper
unidentified swallowtail
polyphemus moth wallpaper
Phaeton sphinx moth wallpaper
white-lined sphinx moth wallpaper
centipedes and millipedes (myriapods)
American millipede wallpaper
house centipede wallpaper
American rubyspot wallpaper:
mating pair
Coachella Valley Preserve
ebony jewelwing wallpaper
Eastern forktail wallpaper
familiar bluets laying eggs wallpaper
vivid dancer Coachella Valley Preserve
unidentified spreadwing wallpaper
banded pennant wallpaper
black saddlebags wallpaper
blue dasher wallpaper
Coachella Valley Preserve
Eastern amberwing wallpaper
Eastern pondhawk wallpaper
green darner wallpaper
halloween pennant wallpaper
swamp darner wallpaper
variegated meadowhawk Coachella Valley Preserve
white-faced meadowhawk wallpaper
unidentified bee fly wallpaper
unidentified robber fly wallpaper
Spilomyia sp. wallpaper
grasshoppers wallpaper
plains lubber grasshopper wallpaper
mantises wallpaper
banded wallpaper
black and yellow wallpaper
black widow wallpaper
candy stripe spider wallpaper
crab spider from California wallpaper
crab spider from Illinois wallpaper
jumping spiders
"daring" or "bold" wallpaper
unidentified species wallpaper
marbled spider wallpaper
shamrock spider wallpaper
unidentified Araneus spider wallpaper
unidentified lynx spider at White Sands, New Mexico wallpaper
unidentified spider guarding eggs wallpaper
giant ichneumon wasp wallpaper
paper wasp wallpaper
unidentified white and black wasp wallpaper
unidentified wasp parasitizing a spider wallpaper
Miscellaneous Bugs
antlion lacewing wallpaper
Coachella Valley Preserve

Vietnam  (photo galleries)

unidentified grasshopper wallpaper
jeweled flower mantis wallpaper
dead-stick mimic mantis wallpaper
unidentified mantis eating true bug wallpaper
spiky ant wallpaper
unidentified male carpenter bee wallpaper
dawn dropwing dragonfly wallpaper
unidentified damselfly wallpaper
grass moth Ischnurges gratiosalis wallpaper
unidentified pink tiger moth with clear wings wallpaper
unidentified red and brown moth wallpaper
unidentified plume moths mating wallpaper
spider mimic sphinx moth Psilogramma increta wallpaper
unidentified sphinx moth caterpillar wallpaper
painted pine moth caterpillar wallpaper
unidentified caterpillar with blue face wallpaper
unidentified chrysalis in a protective cage wallpaper
longhorn beetle Macrochenus isabellinus wallpaper
unidentified firefly wallpaper
emale Duliticola sp. "trilobite beetle" larva wallpaper
unidentified weevil #1 wallpaper
unidentified weevil #2 wallpaper
jewel bug Calliphara nobilis wallpaper
citron bug wallpaper
unidentified true bug #1 wallpaper
unidentified true bug #2 wallpaper
black-tipped leafhopper wallpaper
red leafhopper wallpaper
unidentified whip scorpion wallpaper
unidentified harvestman
chocolate grass yellow wallpaper
common cruiser
common imperial wallpaper
common jester wallpaper
grey count
grey pansy
knight wallpaper
orange staff sergeant
peacock pansy wallpaper
purple sapphire wallpaper
red base Jezebel wallpaper
red lacewing wallpaper
various species "puddling" wallpaper
white dragontail wallpaper
unidentified ant mimic wallpaper
unidentified tiny orange spider
two-striped jumping spider  (Telamonia dimidiata) wallpaper
banded phintella jumping spider (Phintella vintata)
unidentified Cat Tien lynx spider wallpaper
unidentified Hue lynx spider wallpaper
unidentified lynx spider with captured bee wallpaper
unidentified spider with four eyes
unidentified spiny spider (Gasteracantha sp)
unidentified flat spider
unidentified nocturnal spider eating a grasshopper
unidentified wolf spider with egg sac
pale spitting spider with egg sac wallpaper
unidentified spider with transparent abdomen full of eggs wallpaper
unidentified Cat Tien funnel web spider wallpaper
unidentified Bach Ma funnel web spider
football spider wallpaper
giant wood spider (Nephila maculata)
Thailand black tarantula wallpaper
Miscellaneous Bugs
longhorn beetle Stratioceros princeps wallpaper
Rhinocypha perforata limbata damselfly wallpaper
russet percher dragonfly (aka fulvous forest skimmer) wallpaper
Calliteara horsfieldii moth caterpillar wallpaper
unidentified bird dropping mimic moth wallpaper
unidentified mantis wallpaper
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