Chion-In Temple Auxiliary Buildings

This is the first of two auxiliary buildings I visited on the grounds of the Chion-in temple.

Chion-in auxiliary building with sitting Buddha statue

Here's its occupant, a gold-plated Buddha statue.

sitting Buddha statue surrounded by gold plated ornaments

I do hope those bells don't keep him awake on windy nights.   No, really, I do!

sitting Buddha statue surrounded by gold-plated bells

There's another image of Buddha, this time standing, in the other building, which I think of as the Calligraphy Room, because there was an old Buddhist monk and several lay people doing calligraphy in the room.

Just like in the main building, I was a little anxious in case taking photographs was not the done thing, so I took one from the doorway.   No reaction from the old man, so I stepped quietly into the room and slowly composed this picture, watching again to see if there was any reaction.   Again nothing.

In fact, I found that the Japanese were universally tolerant at their religious buildings.   Before I went over, I asked my cousin whether I'd have to wear long pants and shoes when visiting shrines, like in other Asian countries.   He assured me that the ultra laid-back New Zealand style of clothing - ie, very short shorts and flip flops - was perfectly acceptable.   I brought along some jeans and sneakers just in case, but I found that I had no need for them.   Trust me, in the humid September weather, I was very grateful to be so lightly dressed.   I might not be fashionable, but I guarantee that I was more comfortable than all the other tourists!

image of standing Buddha
blue-faced statue standing on black monster

Whoa, baby!   Buddha's been keeping bad company lately.

I don't know who this guy is, but he looks like one mean dude.   Interestingly, he's holding an orb and staff just like "Tamonten" in the Hall of the Great Buddha at Nara, so maybe he's also a Heavenly Guardian.

Here's another one, on Buddha's left-hand side.   He's dancing up a storm, but I don't think the guy he's dancing on is too impressed.

green-faced statue standing on green monster

Don't mess with me, man, or the Buddha!

closeup of green statue