Japan Travel Wallpaper

Tokyo Imperial Palace photographed using a Pentax MZ-5 camera and Tokina 150-500mm manual focus lense Yasukuni-jinja war memorial shrine in Tokyo photographed in September of 2002 Hiroshima atomic bomb dome and river
Tokyo Imperial Palace
and Niju-bashi bridge
Tokyo Imperial Palace Yasukuni-jinja Hiroshima
Atomic bomb dome
Nara, Japan: Todai-ji Buddhist temple, largest wooden building in the world Nara, Japan: giant Buddha statue in the Todai-ji temple Hall of the Great Buddha Kyoto, Japan:  Kinkaku-ji, The Golden Pavilion Kyoto, Japan:  Kinkaku-ji, The Golden Pavilion
Todai-ji temple Todai-ji temple
giant Buddha statue
The Golden Pavilion
The Golden Pavilion
Himeji castle, The White Egret, with a grey heron in the foreground Himeji castle photograph of the grounds and surrounding area of Himeji Castle, taken from the roof in September of 2002 using a Pentax 35mm camera
Chion-in temple bell Himeji Castle Himeji Castle Himeji Castle