Chion-In Temple Grounds

The San-mon gate at the entrance to Kyoto's Chion-in temple is the largest temple gate in Japan.

Chion-in temple's San-mon gate

As is usual, the temple has a garden which features a pond and stone bridge.   This is common throughout Japan.

Chion-in temple pond
carp in the Chion-in temple pond

Also common and traditional are these carp.

What isn't so common is this bell, which weighs 74 tonnes, and is the largest in Japan.

closeup image of Chion-in temple bell

The bell is used to ring in the new year, with 17 monks using the giant sized striker to hit it.

Chion-in temple bell and striking log

This is the cemetery.   I'm not sure if people are buried here, whether their ashes are put here, or whether it's just a memorial.   You'll see them often, particularly when travelling by train.