Japanese Supermarket Food

Too much fuss is made about the differences between Japan and the West.   The reality is, being a housewife in Japan is absolutely no different from being a housewife in America, New Zealand or Germany.

For instance, when doing shopping at the local supermarket, you've got to ask exactly the same questions:   should I buy dried squid...

dried squid

...or fresh squid...

fresh squid and other fish
different cuts of octopus

...which cut of octopus will my husband and children want tonight...

...and which variety of mushroom will go best with the octopus?

fish eggs

For dessert, should we have orange, brown or red fish eggs?

Should I buy periwinkles, whelks, mussels or large lumpy red things for the neighborhood bridge club meeting on Tuesday night?

different types of shellfish
different types of seaweed

What will the other mothers think if I send the children to school with lunches made from delicious dark green seaweed, instead of healthy black or light green seaweed?