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Birds Listed by Country Birds Listed by Name
Australia Malaysia Listed by Common Name
Belize Mexico Listed by Family
Cambodia New Zealand Listed by Scientific Name   (Latin Name)
Costa Rica Thailand
Czech Republic Trinidad and Tobago
Egypt Turkey
Fiji USA
Guatemala Vietnam


Birds of Townsville and Magnetic Island photo galleries
Australian darter wallpaper
black swan wallpaper
brush turkey wallpaper
magpie goose wallpaper
rainbow bee-eaters wallpaper
rainbow lorikeet wallpaper
spur-winged plover wallpaper
sulphur-crested cockatoo wallpaper
unidentified duck wallpaper

Belize  (photo galleries)

Wildlife of Belize (2009) photo gallery
boat-billed flycatcher
common pauraque with chicks
rufous-tailed jacamar wallpaper
Water Birds of Belize and Guatemala (1999)
Jungle Birds of Belize and Guatemala (1999)


Wildlife Of Cambodia photo gallery
Chinese pond heron
painted stork
unidentified bird
unidentified sleeping bird

Costa Rica

black vulture wallpaper
chestnut mandibled toucan wallpaper
copper rumped hummingbird wallpaper
keel-billed toucan wallpaper
orange bellied trogon wallpaper
purple throated mountain gem hummingbird wallpaper
resplendent quetzal wallpaper
ringed kingfisher wallpaper
roadside hawk wallpaper
roseate spoonbill wallpaper
snowy egret wallpaper
spectacled owls wallpaper
lesser ground cuckoo wallpaper
white fronted parrot wallpaper

Czech Republic

Wildlife of the Czech Republic photo gallery
blue tit wallpaper


gray heron wallpaper
pied kingfisher wallpaper
Senegal dove wallpaper
snowy egret wallpaper


barn owl wallpaper
jungle myna

Guatemala  (photo galleries)

collared aracari wallpaper
emerald toucanet wallpaper
ocellated turkey wallpaper
Water Birds of Belize and Guatemala (1999)
Jungle Birds of Belize and Guatemala (1999)


Malayan crested fireback pheasant wallpaper

Mexico  (photo galleries)

Water Birds of Rio Lagartos, Yucatan photo gallery
ruddy turnstone
double-crested cormorant and laughing gull
black skimmer
laughing gull
Caspian tern
brown pelican
double-crested cormorant
female anhinga
common black hawk
American white ibis
cattle egret
snowy egret
great egret
reddish egret
little blue heron
bare-throated tiger heron
great blue heron
tricolored heron
boat-billed heron
American flamingo
Highlights of the Yucatan
American flamingos
blue-crowned motmot
great kiskadee
lineated woodpecker
banded quail   (a.k.a. barred quail) wallpaper

New Zealand

Rare Birds of Tiritiri Matangi Island photo gallery
brown teal
kokako wallpaper
saddleback wallpaper
takahe wallpaper
Common Birds of the Forest photo gallery
bellbird wallpaper
fantail wallpaper
kea wallpaper
pukeko wallpaper
sacred kingfisher
South Island robin
tui wallpaper
whitehead wallpaper
wood pigeon wallpaper
Australasian gannet wallpaper
Muriwai Beach colony
Muriwai Beach colony behavior
photo gallery
banded rail wallpaper
little pied cormorant wallpaper
pied cormorant wallpaper
pied stilt wallpaper
red-billed gull wallpaper
white-faced heron wallpaper
yellow-eyed penguin wallpaper


Wildlife of Thailand
oriental dwarf kingfisher wallpaper

Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad photo galleries
scarlet ibises in Caroni Swamp
crested oropendolas
unusual crested oropendola behavior
Tobago photo galleries
rufous tailed jacamar
blue-crowned motmot
red-billed tropicbird


cormorant wallpaper
unidentified seagull wallpaper


Birds of Volo Bog, Illinois
American robin
black crowned night heron
Canada goose wallpaper
cedar waxwing
great blue heron
great egret wallpaper
green heron
green-winged teal
mute swan
Northern shoveler
red-headed woodpecker
red-winged blackbirds
sandhill cranes
tree swallow wallpaper
white-breasted nuthatch
wood duck
yellow warbler
Adult Sandhill Cranes at Gurnee, Illinois wallpaper
Juvenile Sandhill Cranes at Gurnee, Illinois wallpaper
Coachella Valley Preserve, California
cactus wren
Gambel's quail wallpaper
greater roadrunner wallpaper
mallard duck wallpaper
Pacific golden plover wallpaper
American avocet wallpaper
American kestrel being mobbed by a mockingbird  wallpaper
American white pelicans wallpaper
bald eagle wallpaper
black-necked stilts wallpaper
brown pelican wallpaper
downy woodpecker wallpaper
mockingbird mobbing an American kestrel wallpaper
red-tailed hawk wallpaper
ruby-crowned kinglet wallpaper
unidentified tern wallpaper
white-throated sparrow wallpaper


common kingfisher  wallpaper
white-throated kingfisher wallpaper

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